Yelena Red Eyes

Yelena "Red Eyes"

Phase One:

Yelena was born on a day filled with ill omens. The moment her parents looked at their child, they were sure they had given birth to a demon. The baby's eyes were blood red, her skin and hair snow white, and she did not cry at birth. The local cleric told them the best they could do was to abandon the newborn in the woods, where God would deal with the child with his justice. And so the parents did so, praying for redemption.

The baby did not stay there for even a single hour. A powerful witch that lived in the area felt a strange twisting in the ether and, seeking it's source, found the baby which she named simply "Yelena". Raised in the woods by her sinister Step Mother, Yelena came into her own as her natural gifts slowly manifested. She was fast, strong and what she hit didn't get back up again. But her most potent ability was the power to vanish into the shadows.

Yelena learned about her parents and about the world outside the forest. As a child, she enjoyed going to the small villages near the forests edge and frightening the hell out of children and preachers. When they chased her (they always chased her) she vanished into the woods. Sometimes she would scare them a little more in there, for extra fun

Phase Two:

When the Great War begun, Step Mother decided to move to the center of the conflict. There, she said, she would perform a potent ritual that could only work in a place so filled with "the dark energies of pain and death!" In a dark castle overlooking a blasted battlefield, Yelena realized the witch's true intentions. To bring about a dark apocalypse, and she rebelled.

Desperate to find help to defeat the plans of Step Mother, Yelena searched the battlefields and cities of war torn Europe, looking for someone to help her foil Step Mother's plans. As a child, and as a girl, the war torn fields of Europe were a special kind of hell. Only her special talents kept her alive and safe from harm. In Amsterdam, she found the aid she had been seeking. A mystic, one who was hunting Step Mother. Together, they tracked Step Mother back to her lair, and foiled her evil plan.

The witch managed to escape by using her fell powers. Her last words to Yelena chilled the young girl's soul. "It's not over! You will finish my work, want you or not! You are the one to bring the end to this world!"

Standing in the ruin of the castle, the mystic that Yelena helped revealed himself as a member of the Century Club. He was really impressed with the girl's abilities, but worried about the witch's final words and about Yelena's destiny. So he decided that bringing her into the Century Club would be a priority. There, she could aid the world, and should the dark destiny she was heir to consume her, she could be dealt with. Yelena accepted without knowing the second reason for the proposal, content to have purpose in her life and a clear path to follow.

Phase Three:

Red Eyes Yelena in A Bride for Death

In the Century Club Yelena finds herself "persona non grata" due to her natural aura of wrongness and violent methods. Her natural abilities inspire both jealousy and fear in others. Nonetheless, she becomes a useful resource for problems dealing with the supernatural, specially dark and eldrich arts. As winter begins, she finds herself trapped in recurring nightmares of death and suffering. Stronger than she has ever felt before, Yelena's familiarity with the themes is not enough, and she decides to try an unorthodox solution.

Performing a ritual she learned from Step Mother, Yelena invokes a spiritual companion to aid her in her search for the cause of the dreams. The spirit's abilities uncover a frightening truth: Step Mother has returned, this time allied with the Sons of Thanatos! Their goal - to deliver Yelena as a bride to the God Of Death, soon to awaken and consume all life!

Yelena and her spirit companion Zogi manage to stop the plan with no time left to spare. To seal away Thanatos from the world, Yelena channels the very essence of death and life in a unholy ritual. The suicidal plan works, but Yelena finds herself imbued with strange powers pertaining to death, being able to feel it's presence nearby.

Phase Four

Yelena guest stars with The Red Owl in Beware The Laughing Dragon

Yelena learns about the Cult of Ares, allies of the Sons Of Thanatos, and its arch-nemesis the Centurion Jason Spartan. Reading his Arsenal Of The Ages she uncovers the Ring of Thanatos and its mystical powers. She feels a strange affinity for the ring, and Spartan agrees to give it to her in exchange for a little help.

While the Red Owl travels to China seeking the sword of Sun Jian, Yelena guards his back. The Cult Of Ares makes several probing attempts to steal the sword, and Yelena decides to clean house. The Cult of Ares chapter vanishes one by one, never knowing what took them them, or why.

Phase Five

Yelena guest stars with El Padre in … Judgment Day

"Red Eyes" overhears rumors of an artifact said to slay evil- A flintlock pistol named Judgment. Determined to show her good intentions to the Century Club and end the question of her evil, she vows to recover it, and allow herself to be shot. If innocent, she will live. If evil, she will die and the world will be safe from her.

While searching for the gun she meets El Padre, who is also in pursuit of Judgment. After a brief misunderstanding, the two heroes ally to find the weapon before their evil foes manage can reach it! Acting as the "physical" part of the group, Yelena faces more pain than she has ever felt before.

In the end, Martinez shoots Yelena with Judgment. The bullet makes curves and hits the Thanatos Ring on Yelena's finger, shattering it, but leaving her unharmed. The two decide to leave the question as is, for the time.


  • "Darkness, my friend"
  • Marks of the wicked
  • "There's a lot of evil around me"
  • Enemy: Step Mother
  • Zogi Companion
  • Touched by Death
  • "The unseen guardian"
  • Until the End
  • Reckless
  • "You can't kill death itself"


Athletics, Fists
Mysteries, Intimidation, Endurance
Empathy, Survival, Alertness, Resolve
Investigation, Deceit, Art, Academics, Rapport


Stealth: In Plain Sight, Master Of Shadows
Athletics: Might Leap
Mysteries: Spirit Companion x2

Companion: Zogi

Independent (free), Great Quality, Skilled (Great Investigation, Good Stealth, Good Mysteries), Communication

Zogi is an Assistant, attaching to Yelena in Mysteries and Stealth (he is shadowy). When using Investigation, he prefers to go alone, since she's clueless on the matter.


Aspects Explanation

Aspects explanation:

"Darkness, my friend": she feels safe and cool in the darkness, she's specially efficient using it. She does not like sunlight or open areas.

Marks Of The Wicked: Yelena has a very unusual appearance (red eyes, pale skin, silvery white hair, some symbols on her body) and it makes people uncomfortable. Mystics tend to be afraid of her.

"There's a lot of evil around me": She has faced terror every day since she was a child and knows how to find and understand it. Many terrors hunt her as well.

Enemy Step Mother: doesn't need explanation… I think Step Mother is a cool name for a witch villain.

Zogi: nothing special as well

Touched By Death: Yelena can feel when, how, and why someone will (or should) die. People don‘t recover easily in her presence though, plants and small animals may die if she touches them.

The Unseen Guardian: Yelena as the silent, invisible protector.

Until The End: Yelena leaves nothing unfinished if possible. Only Step Mother defies this. Sometimes, she’s too intense for other's tastes.

Reckless: Yelena doesn't care if she lives or dies.

"You can't kill death itself": She's resilient, and scary. Also, she sometimes feels the urge to accept that she is a bringer of death and give up trying to be good.

Yelena is cold, silent and serious. She loves the night, the winter, heights, the rain and speed. These things make her feel alive and she only smiles in one of these situation. Although supernaturally beautiful, she is not attractive. There's just "something wrong" with her that turns people of. Many don't even dare stare at her red eyes. She wears dark robes, always covering her hair. White hair is tends to be bad when stealthing. She considers Zogi a friend and they usually talk a lot. Zogi does not know what exactly he is or he came from, but doesn't mind that. He has a somewhat twisted sense of humor.

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