Wheel Of Fate

The Wheel of Fate is a highly streamlined rpg that makes a few assumptions, most notably that the reader has at least some exposure to RPGs, and has a sense of what players do and what the role of the GM is. Additionally, this game draws from a number of sources, notably Fate, so familiarity with the Fate system, specifically with its aspects, will be very useful.

PDF: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/FateRPG/files/To%20be%20Sorted/Loose%20Files

Tiddlywiki version of Wheel Of Fate rules: wof-tiddly.zip — this is a zip, because it includes several images from the PDF

Exalted Wheel of Fate mod focused on the Dragon-Blooded (you'll still need the Exalted books for setting, Charms, etc.): Wheel of Fate Exalted.pdf

Exalted character sheet: ExWoF_CS_Scarlet.pdf and example character Sesus Reth-Te.

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