Weapon Mastery

Weapon Finesse
Fighting is not simply a matter of survival for you, it’s a vocation. You study the art and science of combat, learning all the techniques you can and studying other warriors to learn their tricks.
You can use Weapons to study an opponent by engaging him and testing his defences with your own techniques. This is a full action, and your foe must defend with his own Weapons skill.
If you win, you gain insight into your target’s fighting techniques, and place an aspect on him as with a successful manoeuvre. Whenever you tag this aspect, you get an additional +1 to your roll, for a typical bonus of +3 instead of the normal tagging bonus of +2. (You may also use this procedure to remove an aspect placed on you by another warrior using a similar ability.)

Demoralizing Display
Requires Weapon Finesse or Two Weapon fighting
As the Fists stunt of the same name.

Flurry of Fury
“Take that! And that!”
Requires Weapon Finesse or Two Weapon fighting
As the Fists stunt: Fists of Fury.

Requires Weapon Finesse
You are so familiar with the many combat styles and types of training, you can recognise them in others. When you use try to get a read on someone, you may use Weapons in place of Empathy, but only for the purpose of learning combat related aspects (or whether they have any and are hiding them). You can also learn facts that aren’t specifically aspects – things like where they were probably trained, and whether they were taught by a famous tutor. This can give sometimes useful background information on a person.
As a secondary benefit, if someone you have read in the last scene initiates combat against you, you receive a +2 bonus to initiative.

Nerves of Steel
Requires Weapon Finesse
Your confidence in your fighting skill allows you to hold your nerve in the most dangerous of situations. When someone uses Intimidation to physically intimidate you, you may use Weapons to defend, instead of Resolve, so long as you’ve a weapon to hand.
If faced with real fear, such as that created by a troll or other monster, you can use Weapons to complement Resolve. If facing an opponent that you cannot physically attack (say, a bodiless ghost), then Weapons is no help and you may not use this stunt.
This stunt is common to those who’ve been hardened by real combat, and can be unsettling to others.

Requires Weapon Finesse
You’ve learned that many fighting techniques can be used even when unarmed, and so you can use Weapons to complement Fists when fighting unarmed.

Weapon Master
Requires Weapon Finesse
This is the Weapons stunt of the same name, with an extra prerequisite to account for its greater rarity in typical fantasy games.

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