Vicki Vision

Vicki Vision

Phase 1: Background

Victoria was born to Peter and Monica Petrov on a farm in southern Illinois. Being one of 8 children (5 brothers and 2 sisters) meant that Vicki was never at a loss for something to do or friends to hang around. They were a typical middle class farm family. As Vicki grew up she liked helping people and would work around the farm and even on the neighboring farms. About 5 miles away was a local nursing home and Vicki liked to visit with the patients there. It was here that she met Dr. Frederick Bolger. Dr. Bolger seemed to lapse into and out of coherency and he would ramble about strange things.

One day when Vicki was 13 Dr. Bolger was in one of his coherent phases. He asked her to push his wheelchair into his room so they cold talk privately. He told her that she was special and that one day she would understand what he meant. He gave her a latter in a sealed envelope and told her when she got to New York she should take it to the Century Club. He also handed her a small box. In the box was a pair of eye glasses. They had large thick lenses as for someone with serious vision problems. At his encouraging she put them on and the world changed. Things were not as sharp, but there were funny glowing patterns everywhere. What she knew was a solid wall had glowing waves on it. The Dr. glowed very brightly. He called her over and adjusted a small knob on the side and the intensity of the colors faded and the colors were mildly overlaid on the normal sights. He told her that she should keep these safe and secret and to use them to help others.

The next day, when she went back to the nursing home Vicki was told that Dr. Bolger had died in his sleep the previous night.

Phase 2: The Great War

Vicki did not fight in the war, but worked stateside in the factories. She was so helpful that she was asked to move to New York and help out there. If a machine broke down, Vicki could fix it, and afterwards it seemed to work just a little bit better.

While in New York she remembered and took the letter from Dr. Bolger to the Century Club and was allowed to join based on Dr. Bolger’s recommendation.

Phase 3: Novel

Vicki Vision and the Sand Trolls of Yemen

Vicki is called to stop the sand trolls before they ravage the City of Aden.

Phase 4: Guest Star


Phase 5: Guest Star



  • You look like you could use some help
  • The Glasses!
  • 'Sure I can fix it, we had something like this back on the farm.'
  • 'Someone from the century club' unrequited love
  • Dodge like a mongoose
  • 'What, did you say something?'
  • Pending
  • Pending
  • Pending
  • Pending











Sleight of Hand


  • Take It All In
  • On Top of It
  • Ready for Anything
  • Personal Gadgets (The Glasses!)
  • Miss Fix It

Personal Gadget: The Glasses!

Improvements: Uses Weird Science, Speculative Science (IR Detection), Futurization (10x Zoom)
The glasses allow the wearer to see into the IR spectrum and to overlay this on the normal vision. A knob allowing overlay percentage from 0 to 100 controls the transparency of the IR display. Using the knob on the opposite side they can zoom in up to 10 x magnification.

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