Two Weapon Fighting

Two Weapon Fighting
Requires Flawless Parry and an aspect describing your unusual training.
Functions exactly as Two Gun Joe, but for the Weapons skill.

Off-Hand Disarm
Requires Two Weapon Fighting.
You are skilled at using your off-hand weapon to catch an attacker’s weapon and twist it free of his grip. Any time you defend against a physical attack and gain Spin, you may spend that Spin to make a free attack to disarm your attacker of the weapon he attacked you with.

Two Weapon Sacrifice
Requires Two Weapon Fighting
This functions exactly like Shield Sacrifice (see shield-fighting). While disarmed, you aren’t able to use any Two Weapon Fighting stunts.

Requires Off-Hand Disarm
As the Weapons stunt of the same name.

Two Weapon Strike
Requires Off-Hand Disarm
You are skilled in using one weapon to distract an opponent, creating an opening through which your other weapon strikes. Any time you inflict a mild or moderate consequence in a weapon strike, you can spend a fate point to increase the severity of that consequence by one step, increasing mild to moderate and moderate to severe. The opponent may then reconsider whether to take the consequence, or instead offer a concession. You may not do this to an opponent who is already taking a severe consequence.

Signature Strike
Requires Two Weapon Strike
As the Fists stunt of the same name.

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