The Fate Throwdown

The Chairman of the Fate Academy has a premise.

A simple premise:

You will be provided with five items— five ingredients to include in at least 5000 words of Fate stuff.

You have a week. A week will be spent judging. And then, the results.

This can be used on one thing, five shots of 1000 each… heck, as long as you communicate an idea Fate players can use, you can do a bunch of 50 word things that use one or two of the ingredients in each. Feel free to go longer— but wordage doesn't clinch the win. If you fall short, submit anyway.

Designers notes, while encouraged, do not count toward the 5000 word target.

What can you submit? Adventures, locations, settings— as long as Fate's your kitchen, the ingredients are key, and the result is usable in actual Fate play.

Any new rules must be OGL. You retain the copyright to all things that are qualify, unless someone else does— and you will get permission to use other people's stuff, right? For these reasons, entries are stored off wiki for now.

Oh, and the winner? Gets to choose the next five ingredients.

As of the second Throwdown, submissions are scored on the Fate Ladder in the following catagories:

Usability and Fun:

+The Contests
++the one with Steve, but no Jackson.

The announcement.

Build something for Fate using all of the following ingredients. It
doesn't need to be for SotC, bit it can be. HOW you use them is also up
to you.

Winner gets no net the next Throwdown, Oh, and you have until the 10th.


A stained skull
Steve Kenson's Blue Monkey

+++The Winner
IGADS, Faterinos!

(faters? fate-ites— FATE FANS!)

Fate Fans, the Edster has to state sadness at not judging sooner—
because he didn't see any entries until he checked the group archive! I
thought you all were ignoring the Canadian… sniff…

(It's like America's the boisterous cool one and Mexico has a touch more

SO! in the name of fairness, here's DA LINKS!

Wild Man Wabr1970
(are you death from above 1979's more dapper cousin?)
gives us / THIS caper film inspired madness.]

Meanwhile, Roger…
(NOT gonna use the pirate flag joke on you, man…)
gives us THIS Kenson Approved bit of love..

So, a simple little dish I can start a wonderful meal with… or a more
complex main course…

Well… after actually using them in play
(cause that's how I roll)
and taking player and my own opinion into account… I declare the
winner of throwdown #1 to be….
(aka the one that mentions steve but not jackson)


Roger, please send the five ingredients to Throwdown #2 to me off list.

[I'm gonna set up a wiki page for this thang!]

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