The Sight And The Curse Aspect


You were born under a dark star, and the omens say that tragedy and supernatural threats will shadow you to your death. Being touched by the Other Side has left its mark; you can feel the presence of supernatural forces, but you also attract their attention.

Invoke To…

  • Know things you shouldn't know, and be generally perceptive.
  • Resist or Overcome supernatural forces

Compel To…

  • Suffer a flash of “insight” at the worst possible time
  • Draw the attention of spirits or demons.
  • Be influenced, or maybe even briefly possessed, by demons or spirits


Having this aspect may allow you to buy certain supernatural skills, such as Arcane Sight (seeing auras and the supernatural), and Divining The Omens (via Runecasting, Tarot, or some such), Banish or Appease Spirits and Demons, etc.

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