The Red Owl Chosen Of Athena

The Red Owl, Chosen of Athena!


Phase 1: Background
Aristarchos was raised by his father Adrastos. Both were members of the Cult of Ares, a secret group that worshipped the God of War from an island off the coast of Greece. Almost from birth, the child was trained in the ways of war. He was taught to use every weapon ever invented, learned to recognize and counter many martial arts and studied military history and strategy. Whenever the boy would ask why he had to learn these things, his father would tell him that his questions would be answered when it was time for his Ceremony of Ascension, when he would learn his true purpose.

Aspects: Trained to Kill, Piercing Eyes

Phase 2: The Great War
On the eve of Aristarchos' Ceremony of Ascension, his father came to his room and made a startling revelation. The cult had trained Aristarchos for all those years because they believed he was the Chosen of Ares, destined to lead the cult into glorious battle. In fact, the boy was the Chosen of Athena, stolen from his priestess mother as a baby by his father, who had been seduced by the promises of the cult's mysterious leader. Finally realizing how corrupt and bloodthirsty the followers of Ares were, Adrastos had been secretly planning to spirit himself and his son away and start a new life elsewhere for years. At last, the time had come.

But the reach of the Cult of Ares was long. Aristarchos and his father were discovered and had to fight their way through the fanatical cultists to their escape craft. Pushing his son into the boat, Adrastos ordered him to escape the island while he held off their attackers. Speeding out to sea, Aristarchos looked back to see his father struck down by a treacherous blow from the masked leader of the cult. He silently swore on his father's blood that from that day on, he would wage a war against the Cult of Ares, a war that would not end until he took his last breath…or the cult was no more.

Aspects: Chosen of Athena, Enemy of the Cult of Ares

Phase 3: The Novel
The Red Owl in "Beware the Laughing Dragon!"
Aristarchos uses the resources his father embezzled from the Cult of Ares to start a new life as Jason Spartan, the son of a wealthy Greek industrialist. With his knowledge of weaponry and military history, he easily earns multiple degrees at a major American university and becomes a respected expert on weapons and warfare throughout history. He purchases a small estate in the country and constructs a secret lair containing an extensive library, a shrine to Athena and "The Arsenal of the Ages", which he intends to be a collection of the finest weapons constructed by man.

Travelling to China to investigate claims that the sword of Sun Jian has been recovered, Jason runs afoul of the Laughing Dragon, a Triad with ties to the Cult of Ares. Not wanting to reveal himself to his old enemies, Jason swings into action as the masked mystery man known as…the Red Owl!

Aspects: Secret Identity, The Arsenal of the Ages

Phase 4:
Owl and micheal should have sword fight a la mistaken identity
Phase 5:

Superb: Academics
Great: Weapons, Resources
Good: Fists, Alertness, Guns
Fair: Deceit, Resolve, Endurance, Mysteries
Average: Stealth, Athletics, Survival, Intimidation, Investigation

Academics - Scholar(Anthropology, Weapons throughout History)
Weapons - Weapons of the World
Resources - Headquarters, Lair
Fists - Martial Arts

Lair - Library(Great, History of Warfare - Superb)
Extensive Security, Utmost Secrecy, Secondary Facility(Arcane Library - Average)

Health: [] [] [] [] [] []
Composure: [] [] [] [] [] []

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