The More The Merrier

Keep 'em Coming
“Just one? I’ll take on you and your friends!”
This is identical to the Fists stunt: Brawling, but for Weapons.

Eyes In The Back Of Your Head
Requires Keep 'em Coming
Your peripheral vision and situational awareness during combat is highly developed. If you are ambushed during a fight (or otherwise tricked, backstabbed by an ally, or whatever), you may use Weapons in place of Alertness to defend. If you would roll Weapons anyway, you recieve a +2 bonus to your defence.
Option: Since this isn't going to happen in every fight, the GM might allow the following to give it a bit more teeth: If you gain spin on this defence roll, you may spend a fate point to make an immediate free attack against the surprise attacker. This is only useful if it's a melee attack, of course.

Mix it Up
Requires Keep 'em Coming
As the Fists stunt of the same name.

Army of One
Requires Mix it Up.
As the Fists stunt of the same name.

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