The Man Of Iron

The Man of Iron

A Babylonian sorcerer once made an iron statue that could walk and talk like a man. Unfortunately, he could not control his creation, and the thing ran wild, toppling temples, scattering armies, destroying cities, until stopped by the genius of King Hammurabi and the love of a purehearted woman.

Thousands of years later, unwitting archaeologists have broken the wards that bind him. Further maddened by his long imprisonment, unable to die, the Man of Iron resents the teeming masses of humanity. They all have the only thing he craves — the promise of death — and yet they fear this priceless gift. Let them have what he cannot; let them learn to desire it.

Living statue
Tremendously heavy
Forged in hellfire, quenched in blood
Inexorable pursuer
"My body, my prison"
"I knew love only once…"
"Kill me if you can! Die if you cannot!"
"Only the Five Profound Names of Anu can stop him!"

Superb: Might
Great: Endurance, Fists
Good: Athletics, Intimidation, Resolve
Fair: Alertness, Mysteries, Survival, Weapons
Average: Academics, Art, Engineering, Deceit, Stealth

Endurance: One Hit to the Body, Thick skinned, Man of Iron, Tireless
Might: Herculean Strength, Piledriver, Unbound, Unstoppable

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