The Brothers Rajput Indian Princes

Sons of the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir the brothers Raj were born to greatness. Their legacy is the 21 gun salute, the finest Oxford education, the best Brahmin tutors in the ancient mysteries, and one of the greatest personal fortunes in all the princely states of India. It was never enough for their father that they be idle princelings, enjoying the fruits of their ancestors labors. From the day they were born he made them understand that the future of India was their responsibility, that it was in their generation that the future of one of the oldest peoples on earth would be decided. They thus spent their youth seeing the lands of India, and touring the lands of India’s master – the King of England.

When the Great War came the brothers sided with the British, with whom their family had long been allies. Angivanshi took the famous Gurkah troops, along with his own excellent mixed cavalry, and helped fight along the Southern front of the war – where he met his mentor Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence and rode across Arabia with the Bedouin. Suryavanshi went to England and became a fighter pilot, earning his status as an ace with a total of 23 kills, and blooming politically under the guidance of his mentor Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who at that time was working from behind the scenes after faking his death so that he could ensure the Thule Society could not infiltrate Britain. Nagavanshi acted as an agent provocateur along the eastern front, working for British interests in Afganistan and Eastern Europe, before turning traitor after meeting his mentor Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, after which he worked as a double agent for the Bolsheviks.

After the war Nagavanshi teamed up with Rocket Red to destroy the shell of his beloved former mentor, in the affair that has come to be known as The Serpent King vs. Zombie Lenin. Disgusted by the failure of communism and atheism in the face of its own victory, he returned to India and joined the radical fringe of the Independence movement. Agnivanshi rode free as the wind across the whole of the old world, taking his horse from the tip of Outer Mongolia, to France, and south into darkest Africa where he joined up with the Grey Ghost in The Spirit of Fire vs. The Empire of The Dead. His adventures done he too returned to India, and fell in with the nascent Congress party. For his part Suryavanshi stayed on in England, working with Mack Silver to defeat the last Thule Society push on England in Lord Suryaraja vs. the Menace from the Deeps. After the death of his mentor he returned to India, hoping to set up the kind of massive projects of civil engineering that his mentor had created in England.

In India the brothers would stand together one last time when the unquiet ghost of Aurangzeb rose to threaten the independence of their princely state in the adventure of The Brothers Raja and the Last Stand at Gwalior. Almost immediately after the tyrant of the past had been put to rest, however, the brothers fell apart. The tensions between what they wanted for India and the future were too great, and they split apart with much anger and bitterness towards each other.

Angivanshi now works in central India, based out of the home of the old Rani of Jhansi who was killed by the British in 1858. He fights for Indian independence, social equality, and freedom for all. Most recently he and Suryavanshi managed to briefly cooperate in order to stop raksasas from destroying Mysore in The Kings of Light Against the Night Tigers. But immediately afterwards they split up again, as Angivanshi could not stomach Suryavanshi’s working with the British.

Suryavanshi, meanwhile, has started up one of the largest corporations in India: Lahore Steel Inc, and has several exclusive contracts from the British Government that give him near total control of the areas of the Madras Presidency outside direct British rule. He wants to build India into a modern, industrialized, rational nation that can stand as an equal member of the Commonwealth, and finds the dreams of freedom now to be foolish. However, his dislike of the French did allow for he and Nagavanshi to work together briefly in The Mystery of the Rajput Brothers and Madame Napoleon IV.

Of all the brothers, Nagavanshi has changed the most from the boy he once was. The days of western rationalism are gone, shed like an old skin as he seeks to rediscover the mysterious truths of his Hindu heritage. He is seeking followers, with the goal of driving all Western influence out of India, no matter the cost. He and Agnivanshi stood together against the German zeppelin brigade in Golden Rajputs and Steel Zepplins, but their split afterwards was almost as violent as the adventure itself.

Now the brothers all stand in their own corners, watching India, the world, and each other as they fight with passion for the future of their people. While temporary alliances against greater threats may happen, it seems impossible that the brothers will every stand together as one again. This is, because unbeknownst to them, they are all spirits (or shadows). Agnivanshi is Freedom, Suryavanshi is Progress, and Nagivanshi is Fundementalism, and never the twain shall meet. Between these brothers the future of India will be torn, sundered, and perhaps saved.

The Brothers Raja at PC level


Aspects: Prince of Kashmir, Rajput Pride, Born in the Saddle, Hard as the Desert, Walked Every Inch of It, Sucker for a Nice Body, I’ve Had it With These Kali Cursed Gorillas!, Love of a Ghost Princess, Afraid of Heights, Voice of a Lion

Skills: Superb – Survival; Great – Weapons, Alertness; Good – Resources, Contacting, Endurance; Fair – Athletics, Mysteries, Leadership, Fists; Average – Academics, Resolve, Gambling, Might, Rapport.

Stunts: Animal Companion (Red Wind), Due North, Hands Free, Hell Bent for Leather, Close At Hand.

Physical Stress: 7
Composure: 6

Red Wind: Great Sidekick, Communication.


Aspects: Prince of Kashmir, Rajput Pride, Natural Pilot, British Knight, Stern As Steel, Shuddering Repulsion of Elder Things, Corporate Big-Wig, Loyal to a Fault, Doesn’t Like the Frenchies, Perfect Suit

Skills: Superb – Resources; Great – Contacting, Pilot; Good – Resolve, Leadership, Engineering; Fair – Science, Guns, Intimidation, Assessment; Average – Academics, Weapons, Endurance, Alertness, Survival.

Stunts: Headquarters, Long Term Investment, Money is No Object, Flying Ace, Insider.

Physical Stress: 6
Composure: 7


Aspects: Prince of Kashmir, Rajput Pride, Likes Redheads, Ain’t No Commie-Hater Like a Former Commie, Snake Eyes, Left Many Enemies Behind, Hates Europeans, Fervent Religion, Still Loves His Brothers, Growing Cult.

Skills: Superb – Deceit; Great – Stealth, Mysteries; Good – Resolve, Endurance, Burglary; Fair – Intimidation, Sleight of Hand, Alertness, Investigation; Average – Academics, Resources, Contacting, Leadership, Weapons

Stunts: Clever Disguise, Mimicry, Master of Disguise, Quick Exit, Vanish

Physical Stress: 7
Composure: 7

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