Tessie Temple The Tiny Genius

Tessie Temple – The Tiny Genius

Phase One

Tess was left on the doorstep of the famed Professor Thaddeus Temple in a bassinet. At first, the Professor ignored the young girl, leaving her rearing to his lab assistants. But, at the mere age of five, she disassembled the secret Rocket-Experimental that the Professor has been working on for twenty years and turned into Rex the Rocket Pup, Best Friend of Tomorrow! Stunned by Tess’s talents, he started to teach her the intricacies of rocket science, while she taught him the delicacies of being a parent.

Phase Two

Shortly after the Great War began, Tess came home from school to discover Professor Temple kidnapped! Flying with Rex to Europe, she discovered the Professor being brainwashed by a foreign power to turn his knowledge of science away from his noble intentions and to the creation of terrible war machines. Tessie, with the help of Rex, destroyed the massive war machine ready to roll across Europe, but at a terrible cost. Professor Temple was nowhere to be found!

Phase Three

Tessie Temple in The Precious Peril!

Tessie visits Professor Temple’s alma mater in England. She runs afoul of Sir Nigel Thorncroft, a rival of Papa’s from school and jealous of Tessie’s genius. He plots to kidnap Rex to disassemble the Rocket Pup and sell the plans to the highest bidder. Tessie enlists the aid of a crew of street urchins to help her get the better of Lord Thorncroft and return Rex to her loving embrace.

Phase 4:

Phase 5:


  • Tiny Orphaned Genius, Rex the Rocket Pup
  • “Science must Always Help, Never Harm!”
  • “Professor Papa’s out there somewhere, Rex…”
  • “You’re a meanie, Thorncroft!”
  • Youngest Oxford Graduate
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?


Rapport, Empathy
Science, Athletics, Investigation
Contacting, Alertness, Academics, Resources
Fists, Mysteries, Stealth, Burglary, Sleight of Hand


Personal Gadget (Rex) (Conscious, Mad Science, Advancement)
Scientific Genius
Scientific Invention
Wierd Science
Quick Eye


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