Swordbearer, Reincarnated Templar Avenger

Swordbearer Reincarnated Templar Avenger

The story of the Knights Templar is widely known. What isn't known, however, is the story about one of them who forsake God's grace to gain his revenge. During the Crusades Templar mystics discovered an arcane manuscript which origins lied in the unknown lands far to the east. That book was quickly put into the darkest corners of Templars' libraries, for it told blasphemy: that the soul after death didn't go to afterlife, but rather reincarnated in one of the many creatures of the world. What's more, it contained working rituals based on that assumption. The traces of the book would be lost, if not the destruction of the order.

One of the survived Templars, whose name sadly wasn't preserved by history, swore an oath of vengeance against the destroyers of his order - French State and Catholic Church. When seeking means to upheld that oath, he found the forbidden manuscript. After long hours of studies, a ritual was devised which would allow him to avenge his brothers.

On the moonless night, he evoked the forsaken rite to transform his own soul. At the pinnacle of the ritual, he sacrificed himself with his family sword. At the same moment a child was born in the nearly village who would become the first reincarnation of the Swordbearer. Now bound to this world, he is destined to reincarnate again and again until the last drop of the blood of his enemies or their descendants will fall on the earth. He has lived several lifetimes: he was a Norwegian peasant and an Arabian prince, a samurai and a tribal warrior, a merchant and a honorless thief, but one thing - his hate and his desire for revenge - always stayed the same.

And now he walks the Earth again.

Legacy of the Templars
"Revenge is a dish best served sliced and diced."
Forever Bound
Seen It All
Man of a simpler time
"Death? No, a delay."
Taste of Blood
Enemy of the Church and State
Forbidden Rites
Legendary Terror
*Eldritch Fleshsword

Superb: Weapons
Great: Alertness, Resolve
Good: Stealth, Endurance, Intimidation
Fair: Academics, Investigation, Might, Deceit
Average: Athletics, Leadership, Mysteries, Survival, Fists

Academics - Linguist
Endurance - Death Defiance
Artifact - Rare Artifact (Fleshsword)
Resolve - Smooth Recovery, Inner Strength, Still Standing, Driven
Weapons - Close at Hand, Weapons of the World

If you want to scale Swordbearer down to PC level, leave only the following stunts:
Linguist, Rare Artifact (Fleshsword), Close at Hand, Weapons of the World, Inner Strength

Eldritch Fleshsword: Swordbearer was bound with his sword as the side result of the spell. Now he, at any time, can manifest a weapon with varying characteristics from his body. Current incarnation's weapon is a broadsword, although older reincarnations were known to manifest other weapons, such as daggers, rapiers and even katanas. The process of warping flesh is gruesome and disgusting, which is represented by *Eldritch Fleshsword aspect - a price of using a Rare Artifact.

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