This happens when the an effort's results are 1-2 shifts higher than your opponent.
You get what you want at no cost to yourself.
There are also a number of additional different flavors of success described below depending on the spread between the difficulty & effort.


If the results of your effort roll is the same as your opponent's, you tie.

This means that you get what you want, but at a minor cost, or a lesser version of what you wanted. In the case of an attack, no stress is inflicted unless weapon ratings are in use.

Succeed with Style

When attempting to do something that requires breaking out the dice, beating the opponent's roll/difficulty by 3 or more shifts means that they were awesome enough to succeeded with style on their attempt.
This means that you get what you want, but gain an added benefit on top of that. In most cases, the benefit is a free boost on top of succeeding at whatever you were initially trying to accomplish.

Succeed at a Cost

These occur when the effort is not quite enough to meet one of the above success conditions & a benevolent GM allows their players to get what they want at a price. The failed roll means the PC's were not able to get what they wanted without consequence of a minor cost, or upgrading a minor to a serious cost.
some minor cost examples might be:

  • Picking a lock, but alerting the guards with the sound.
  • finding a needed source, who last saw you in bed with his wife
  • Landing on your feet, but twisting your ankle in the process
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