SoS&S Spell Memorization

Spell Memorization for SoS&S Magic system

Not all GMs like freeform spellcasting. It can slow the game down with the need to allocate Effect to range, duration, and all the other variables. It can also allow characters to do all kinds of unexpected things that may derail the plot. Finally, some GMs may prefer to limit Sorcery a bit more in order to keep it better balanced with other skills. So, I will now present several optional rules to require Spell Memorization and either eliminate or reduce freeform casting. These options are to be used with the Spirits of Steam and Sorcery spellcasting rules.

Option 1: Sorcerers must memorize all their spells while at their Order’s chapterhouse. They may memorize 1 spell per level of Sorcery per Lore they know. So a Superb Sorcerer who knows the Plant and Earth lores may memorize 5 Plant spells and 5 Earth spells. Cantrips allow just 1 spell per each of the cantrip lores known. To memorize a spell, describe its effects and set up all the spells’ variables using the augmentation list above (range, duration, targets, ritual, cooperation, etc). Each time the spell is cast, it will use these same variables.

The Sorcerer does not forget the spell when it’s cast, but he may only change his memorized spells by studying the lores again back at the chapterhouse (they almost never allow the lore, or copies of it, to leave the chapterhouse, and any member caught taking such information may be punished.) It takes “a few hours” of study per spell that is to be changed, and that is reduced by 1 time step per level of Mysteries. (So Great Mysteries would reduce that to just “a minute” per spell!) Under this option, spells cannot be cast freeform at all, one must study the lore and memorize any spell before it can be cast.

Option 2: Same as Option 1 above, but Sorcerers may still cast freeform magic with difficulty. Any freeform spell requires either a Fate point or additional time to cast (+1 Time step from “a few moments” per base spell level, so a Superb spell would take either a half hour or a Fate pt).

Option 3: Same as either Option 1 or 2 above, except some stunts may allow more flexibility and some freeform casting.

Flexible Spells (Sorcery) – This stunt allows the Sorcerer to leave 1 Augmentation in each spell open, to be determined each time it’s cast. The open variable is determined when it’s memorized. By shifting this 1 variable, the sorcerer may cast a weaker or stronger version of the spell.

Lore Mastery (Sorcery) – This stunt may be taken once for each lore the caster knows. It allows the sorcerer to cast minor freeform spells from that lore (either instead of a Fate pt or extra time, or at all, depending upon the option used). The freeform spells are either limited to ½ your Sorcery level (rd up), or spells up to ½ your level may be cast with no additional time or Fate point, and any higher level spell’s additional time is reduced by ½ your Sorcery level. (So, a Superb sorcerer can cast up to Good spells without memorizing them, and spells of a higher level reduce their additional time required by 3 steps if that option is used).

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