Sneaky Aspect


Sometimes it's just not possible to do things the open and “honest” way. Besides, sneaking around in the night is fun! While you have a natural talent for stealth and secrecy, you are completely trustworthy; when things go missing or people suffer accidents near you, you're always completely innocent.

Invoke To…

  • Attempt to carry out any action without attracting attention (e.g. hide, sneak, pick pocket, stab someone in the back).
  • Come up with a convincing explanation for why you weren't doing what they thought you were doing. Or why you were doing that, but it was actually for <i>their</i> sake own good, and it was safer for them that they not know. Etc.

Compel To…

  • Fail to be honest when it actually <i>is</i> the sensible thing.
  • Act sneaky when it might cause you to lose an ally (e.g. get an opportunity to check out what your patron has in his private library, etc.)
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