Shield Fighting

Shield Wall
Whenever you mount a full defence using a shield, you have a defence bonus of +3 instead of +2.

Shield Sacrifice
Requires Shield Wall
Any time you are fighting with a shield and take a blow which inflicts a Mild Consequence (including blows which wrap up to it), you may declare that the shield takes the force of the blow and is smashed. If so, that Mild Consequence is negated. You may only use this stunt once per combat scene, even if you later rearm with another shield.

Shield Bash
Requires Shield Sacrifice
Any time you gain Spin when defending against a physical attack, you may spend that Spin to make a free attack to bash your foe with the shield. This is a throw manoeuvre – an attempt to knock your foe off balance or to the ground.

Requires Shield Bash
As the Weapons stunt of the same name. You can use this afer gaining spin when defending with a shield.

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