Shark Kennedy Wild Man Of Action

He's crossed the Sahara on foot, survived the Antarctic winter, and swum with the mermaids of Atlantis. He eats snakes and shits nails. He's…

Shark Kennedy

Phase One

Shark Kennedy was born of the sea and raised by the snow. The product of a dalliance between a Scottish widow and an Inuit chief, young Kennedy learned how to survive in the Great White North. Shark had a special connection with animals from early on, and his sled dog companion Quinaya (which means "snow mixed with dog dung") followed Shark on his many adventures out in the wild.

His father, Chief Yupik, accompanied Robert Peary's expedition to the North Pole in 1909, and his young son was never far from his side. Yupik was taken from his son when a polar bear, antagonized by the team, attacked and killed the Inuit chief. Shark snapped, killing the bear with the flagpole they had brought to mark the North Pole, and Peary, realizing this young boy was more than he seemed, took him under his wing.

Phase Two

Peary took Kennedy back to the lower 48, where Margaret W.C. Rotheford, one of Peary's colleagues and a Century Club member, took Shark under her wing. Margie's exploits were well-known amongst fellow Club members (the map of the Hollow Earth that hangs in the New York office for example), but the history books have marginalized her contributions compared to her male colleagues.

As for Shark, he was Ms. Rotheford's adopted son, second-in-command, and an able adventurer for five years. He traveled with his mentor across the desert, through jungles, and under the sea - where he excelled. With nothing more than a spear and swim trunks, Shark could outswim and outfight anything in the inky depths. But it wasn't until the Great War that the reason for Margie's globe-trotting became apparent. She was on the trail of horrifyingly advanced technology. Technology that could fill trenches with the burning corpses of once-brave soldiers, that could raze life from cities while leaving the buildings unharmed. Alien technology… perhaps Lemurian, perhaps long-abandoned Thulian artifacts from millennium before. No matter who made it, the enemy wanted it too, and Margie Rotheford disappeared one night trying to stop the shadowy agents who would have taken it. Shark looked at the perfect circular crater scooped out of the ground, the walls, part of the taxi, and knew Margie had to be alive… somewhere. Somewhen. Shark offered his services to Allied intelligence and took on the hunt for this technology, hoping that he would be able to find his mentor.

Phase Three

Shark Kennedy in The Sinister Secret of the Otherworldly Outback!

Shark Kennedy's time has come! Captured by the sinister otherworldly Agents, Shark is marooned on the murderous Martian landscape! He must find a way home and stop the Agents from selling the Technology to the highest bidder, but how is victory possible from an entire world away? He's survived every environment on Earth - will he succumb to the Red Planet?

Phase Four

Rick Armstrong in The Wasp Women of Tyranos!"

Kidnapped by Queen Hymenoptera's Wasp Women along with the heroic Shark Kennedy, Rick Armstrong leads the prison escape through the one place he knows wasps don't go - underwater!

Phase Five

Johnny Knuckles in The Banks of the Bare-Fisted Nile

In return for leads on the Technology (and thus his missing mentor Margaret Rotheford), Shark accompanies a tribal raiding party in their attack on a neighboring tribe of savage cannibals. The savage cannibals turn out to be honorable warriors, and to top it off, Johnny Knuckles is their best warrior! Shark turns the tables on the attackers but loses to Johnny in a knock-down drag-out fight. The two heroes join forces to lead the tribesmen against the Navy, there to take Johnny back by any means necessary!


Fists, Weapons
Endurance, Stealth, Athletics
Alertness, Might, Resolve, Guns
Science, Intimidation, Rapport, Drive, Mysteries


Survival - Animal Friend, King of the Beasts (sea life), Ride Anything, Tracker
Endurance - Death Defiance

Health: 7
Composure: 6


  • Untamed: He's one with nature, a fierce combatant, animal magnetism; but he's also unused to modern society and city life, could be prone to berserk rage if distressed
  • Beastmaster: He's Aquaman and Crocodile Dundee, dude. One wrong move, though, and you're not a beast master, you're just dinner.
  • World Traveler: Shark's been everywhere, knows how to survive anywhere, knows someone in every tribe, knows Alaskan bush pilots, knows sub captains. Which means he owes them favors, and possibly might be on bad terms with quite a few people.
  • The Technology: This pertains to using or hunting down the alien technology, as well as fighting the sinister Agents that also search for it. It also can spur Shark into action if he hears rumors or leads on the Technology or Margie's disappearance. And of course, the Agents want Shark out of the picture.
  • "On Any Other Day, That Might Seem Strange": Shark's unflappable after trekking across the Martian outback. He adapts to weird shit easily and is ready to overcome it before most people are out of the denial phase. It can also act like a Weirdness Magnet for Shark.
  • Like a Bad Penny: He always turns up. This can be used to get out of deathtraps or impossible situations, or to show up at just the right time to foil some dastardly plan. His enemies can ALSO show up at just the WRONG time.
  • "At Least it's Wasp Women": Shark looks on the sunny side of life, and tends to have a thing for Green Alien Chicks, who might have a thing for him too (and that could be good or bad). It's the Captain Kirk Aspect. Throw any complication at him and he'll turn it around into an advantage.
  • Never Forgets a Friend: Shark doesn't leave friends behind and doesn't hesitate to help out.
  • Rough and Tumble: He's a half-Scot half-Eskimo survivalist pulp hero! Use this for bustin' heads, gettin' along with blue-collar guys and mountain men, as well as embarrassing faux pas in high society or making horrible financial decisions.
  • The Old Ways are Better: Science, city life, and the trappings of the "modern man" pale in comparison to the simple honest ways of ancient tribes. Whenever somebody just needs to get punched, pull this Aspect out. Whenever Shark needs to find or know some savage custom or ritual, pull this out. And although Shark does have some rank in Science, sometimes he just scratches his head wondering why people even need contraptions like cars.
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