Selfish Aspect


You know the world isn't a fair place, and if you want justice (or anything else…), you have to take it. After all, God helps those who help themselves. So you're contemptuous of compassionate idealists (weak fools!).
<i>But</i> you also have great respect for those who stand up for themselves against horrible odds, and you might not ask of others what you aren't willing to do yourself.

Invoke To…

  • Advance your own interests, especially at the expense of others
  • Defend those over whom you have a responsibility or duty (you're just defending what's 'yours', after all)
  • Go it alone (i.e. single combat, stand up for yourself, etc.)

Compel To…

  • Face a dilemma over your own interests and helping friends or allies.
  • Upset someone because of your selfishness.


This aspect might be used as a Modifier: add it to another aspect to create broader aspects. For example: Selfish Knight of... Aspect

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