Sebastian "The Valet" Rossini

Sebastian “The Valet” Rossini, the Gentleman’s Gentleman of Crime

"The last person that insulted my employer at dinner went home to his family in a coffin. Worse, a perfectly good steak knife was ruined.

I trust you’re enjoying the venison?”

Sebastian Rossini was born to serve. His father was a butler to a family of mixed European aristocratic heritage, living in Switzerland. Sebastian was raised to have the impeccable manners, intuitive grasp of etiquette and organisational skill that the position of an honoured servant requires. He made considerable effort not to disappoint his father, learning well the skills and attitude of his position. Indisputably, though, his true talents lay elsewhere. Sebastian could fight like a cornered viper. By the time Sebastian was ten, he had his older brothers utterly cowed. As a teenager he scuffled with the other household servants. While they acted irrationally out of anger, Sebastian would calmly observe his situation, and at the instant an affront became too bold to bear, he would snap into action and disable whomever spoke against him. Enormously proud of his reflexes, Sebastian would spend his free time practicing tricks of dexterity and hunting in the woodlands of the estate. It was during these solitary times that the other servant boys sought to catch Sebastian unawares and mete out their petty vengeance. They never succeeded.

An ill-considered remark about Sebastian’s mother sent one of the scullery boys to hospital, and Sebastian faced his father’s full wrath for this embarrassment. Rather than suffer the belt willingly, he caught it mid-strike. Moments later, his father lay bleeding among the ruins of a cabinet of the master’s glassware. Sebastian left.

He fled to Paris and fell into a life of crime, engaging in robbery and petty theft, getting work as an gang enforcer. He came to the attention of a criminally-minded nobleman that the European underworld knew as the Smuggler Baron, renowned for being able to supply almost any form of contraband. The Smuggler Baron realized that Rossini’s combination of talents gave him the potential to be a perfect bodyguard. He gave the young man formal combat and vehicular training and explained the intricacies of his international operation. Soon, Rossini was a permanent fixture at the Baron’s negotiations. At a single false move or a signal from the Baron, Rossini would strike swiftly and lethally, armed with whatever was to hand. Thanks to his prodigious situational awareness, no-one could ambush or spy on the Baron without his valet knowing about it.

Rossini’s arrogance grew. Although firmly subordinated to his master, he considered himself an invaluable part of his operations. His eye for detail kept the Baron safe, and soon enough he was given full control of security arrangements, as well as the personal safety of the Smuggler Baron. After the Baron’s downfall, the Valet became a gentleman’s gentleman and bodyguard for hire, available to anyone connected to the criminal fraternity. He has worked all over the world, for mob bosses, opium suppliers, even deranged scientists and would-be conquerors. Anyone willing to pay his exorbitant fees and pay attention to his advice will receive his utter loyalty until the contract is up. He can be hired at a reduced fee if he is given the leeway to end his contract without notice.

Always impeccably dressed, usually in a black suit and a silk waistcoat, the Valet is a consummate professional. He will protect his employer without qualms, and will happily maim and kill on order as well. He is always unarmed, which does little to curb his swift lethality.


“I live to serve.”
Snap Judgment
Quick as a Cobra
“Get behind me, sir!”
Open to a Better Offer
Obsession with Detail
“Anything is a weapon in the right hands.”
Combat Chauffeur
Known to the Underworld
“I am no mere stooge or goon. I am the master’s Valet.”


Superb: Alertness
Great: Fists, Drive
Good: Athletics, Leadership, Weapons
Fair: Stealth, Art, Endurance, Guns
Average: Resources, Investigation, Pilot, Empathy, Deceit


Danger Sense
Saw It Coming
Constant Vigilance

Whatever’s On Hand

Defensive Driving

(To make Sebastian a PC-level threat, remove Defensive Driving. But I thought it would help round out his boss-protecting skills)

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