Rudolph "Rough" Hauser, The Blue Blooded Brawler

Rudolph "Rough" Hauser, the Blue-Blooded Brawler!

Born into a life of wealth and privilege, Rudolph Hauser quickly became a spoiled bully and the terror of his peers. Being sent to military school didn't cure him, it just made him dangerous. Upon graduating he turned mercenary and gathered together a group of sycophants and rejects that he whipped into shape…and they all hate him for it.

Hauser rules his unit with an iron fist, and no one crosses him if they want to stay in the unit(and remain able to eat solid food). He's forgotten more dirty tricks than most people ever learn, and doesn't hesitate to use them in a fight. While he has a certain amount of tactical know-how, he tends to leave most of the planning to his employers.

He travels the world, pushes people around, and gets paid big money to do it. Crippling Centurions? That's just a bonus.

"Gimme that!!"
Hated and Feared
Cheat to Win
Prussian Strongman
Dangerous Charm
Graduate of the Kreighaus Academy
Because I'm Better Than You
Violence is the Answer
Secret: Can't Swim

Superb: Fists
Great: Intimidation, Athletics
Good: Guns, Endurance, Resources
Fair: Resolve, Alertness, Leadership, Academics
Average: Deceit, Contacting, Might, Rapport, Stealth

Fists: Brawler, Dirty Fighter, Fists of Fury
Intimidation: Scary, The Promise of Pain
Leadership: Minions x2

Hauser's mercenary unit, the Hellhounds, serve as lackeys, yes-men and muscle when the boss doesn't feel like dirtying his hands. They number half a dozen, and tend to vary in quality(depending on how recently they've been "training" with their leader). Hauser has no qualms about sending them into fights he knows they'll lose, if it grants him an advantage he can exploit.

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