Righteous Zeal Aspect


You speak your mind, don't suffer fools and never fail to show how right you are. You also act with devotion to your faith, comfortable in the knowledge that your God personally supports your actions (whatever they are). You support and obey the more fundamentalist beliefs of your church, and relish opportunities to put down heretics and enemies of the faith.

Invoke To…

  • Uphold or champion the direct interests of your Church or Faith.
  • Gain support from and inspire the faithful.
  • Survive challenges caused by this aspect (for example, when someone is outraged by your plain truths so much that they attack you)
  • Do almost anything it all if you can justify it according to your faith.

Compel To…

  • Offend a potential ally due to your righteous zeal.
  • Face a choice between upholding religious duties and doing something more practical.
  • Go overboard in your devotions


This aspect, or one like it, might allow you to:

  • Call upon your God for Divine Favour, or
  • Learn Blessings (laying On Hands, Divinations, etc.) as skills or stunts.
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