Relentless Aspect


You never give up, never give in, and never let anything drop; you keep going, no matter what. You also tend to be stubborn, unbending, callous, determined, and unforgiving.

Invoke To…

  • Achieve (or endure) physical or spiritual feats through sheer determination and grit.
  • Resist any attempt to change your course of action once your mind is set.
  • Intimidate and browbeat others with your intensity.
  • Keep going no matter what.

Compel To…

  • Offend someone with your stubbornness.
  • Once you dislike someone, just keep pushing, keep escalating, until you turn them into a lifelong enemy.
  • Show contempt for “quitters”


This aspect might be used as a Modifier: add it to another aspect to create broader aspects. For example: Relentless Knight of... Aspect

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