Raymond Spencer

Raymond Spencer

Dear young Ray was a child prodigy. From a young age he showed precocious intelligence that shocked all of his teacher, and even his veteran detective father. Math, science, art, it all came easily. Too easily. See, Raymond was a little lazy, despite being such a success. Then, one day a series of events occured that would change his life. When being driven home by his father, the police radio in the car buzzed to life, calling Detective Spencer to the scene of a death. He protested, and tried to explain his young son was along for the ride, but to no avail. When he arrived at the crime scene, he told Raymond to stay in the car. He did not, and followed his father up to the crime scene, where he pointed out a small fact that all the officers missed.

Years later, Raymond is in college. He has garnered quite a reputation of being a master crime-solver. Yet he is bored. All the criminals in the city were stupid and boring to him. So he dropped out on a whim and traveled cross-country, taking a variety of jobs, solving crimes everywhere he went. More and more he grew frustrated with the mistakes these murderers and thieves made. More and more he grew frustrated with the authorities always brushing him aside (as the police take a dim view on private detectives, pulp or not) Finally, he snapped, raging at a man who had killed his wife. He screamed about how anyone would have done it better than the murderer, then proceeded to explain how. Everyone in the room was staring at him, and he stormed out. Then, as he walked out of the house he realized that he should do better. He could commit crimes, gain vengeance on all those who had failed to give him credit! He devised an elaborate, foolproof deathtrap for a particularly annoying police detective nicknamed "Lassie" and while foiled by a passing Centurion, hasn't looked back since.

"I'm a genius!"
Master of deathtraps
Sinister Plots
Chess Prodigy
Amateur Chemist
"Centurions amuse me"
Emotional Manipulator
Epic Odd-Job Odyssey
Twirling Sword-Cane

Superb: Investigation
Great: Alertness, Deceit
Good: Weapons, Engineering, Resolve
Fair: Leadership, Art, Sleight of Hand, Burglary
Average: Drive, Science, Resources, Contacts, Empathy

Stunts: Scene of the Crime, Eye for Detail, Focused Senses, Quick Eye, Takes One to Know One

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