Prop Powered Airplanes

Prop-powered fighters

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All plane costs are Fantastic.

The Performance attribute indicates how maneuverable a craft is. When performing maneuvers against another plane, Pilots get a bonus (or penalty) equal to the difference of the two planes' Performance ratings.

Name Nation Year Speed Performance Stress Capacity Notes
Fokker Eindecker E.III Germany 1915 Poor Poor [][][]
Albatross D.I Germany 1916 Mediocre Mediocre [][][]
Nieuport 17 France 1916 Mediocre Mediocre [][][][]
Sopwith triplane Britain 1916 Mediocre Average [][][]
Airco DH.4 Britain 1917 Fair Fair [][][] Two-seat biplane day-bomber. Considered the best single-engined bomber of the Great War. Penalty to coordination attempts between pilot and copilot.
Breguet 14 French 1917 Fair Fair [][][] Biplane bomber and reconnaissance aircraft. Considered one of the best aircraft of the war.
Fokker Dr.1 triplane Germany 1917 Mediocre Average [][][]
Sopwith Camel F.1 England 1917 Average Average [][][] Takeoff and landing maneuvers are at -2.
Fokker D.VII Germany 1918 Average Fair [][][]
RAF S.E.5a England 1918 Fair Average [][][]
SPAD S.XIII France 1918 Fair Average [][][]
Potez 25 French 1920s Average Fair [][][] Twin-seat reconnaissance biplane. Popular; used by Americans, French, and Russians.
Breguet 19 French 1924 Fair Fair [][][] Successor to the B14. Variants include recon, bomber, heavy fighter, night fighter, long- and extremely-long-range flier, seaplane, & 6-seat passenger prototype
Fairey Fox Britain/Belgium 1925 Good Fair [][][] Light bomber and fighter biplane of the 1920s and 30s. The reason the No. 12 Squadron of the RAF adopted a fox's mask as the squadron badge — faster than any contemporary fighter aircraft.
P-28 Peashooter USA 1926 Fair Fair [][][] 1 bomb
Bristol Bulldog England 1928 Good Fair [][][]
Hawker Hurricane England 1935 Good Good [][][][]
Messerschmitt Bf 109 Germany 1936 Good Great [][][]
Spitfire Mk V England 1936 Great Great [][][]
Fw 190 Germany 1939 Great Great [][][]
Bristol Beaufighter England 1939 Fair Fair [][][] Heavy fighter, with 8 rockets and 2 bombs
A6M Zero Japan 1939 Great Superb [][]
F4F Wildcat USA 1940 Good Great [][][][]
FaU Corsair USA 1940 Great Superb [][][]
P-51 Mustang USA 1940 Superb Superb [][][]
Ki-43 ("Oscar") Japan 1942 Superb Great [][][]
N1K-J ("George") Japan 1942 Superb Superb [][][]
F6F Hellcat England 1942 Superb Superb [][][]
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