Professor Ueberstahl: Man Of Metal

Like all good villains, this one will bend the rules. I don’t really see villains being created by the ‘phase’ method.

Professor Überstahl – Man of Metal

The man who became Professor Uberstahl was a child prodigy in the fields of metallurgy and robotics. He was working on creating the ultimate warrior with the assistance of Der Blitzmann at the beginning of the Great War. That experiment came to an end one night when several members of the Century Club launched an attack on Der Blitzman. During the battle, while the young scientist was trying to make last minute adjustments to his prototype, an errant burst from Der Blitzman’s Tesla Cannon struck both man and machine, transferring the human consciousness into the metal body. The custom metal alloy of the suit became almost indestructible in the same blast.

Significant Aspects:
Emotions are failings of the flesh but revenge and hate are pure
Don’t remind me of what I have lost!
I can’t reproduce the mental transfer
Loosing your humanity can change a person
Leads by fear
Power Hungry
Moving up in the Ranks
You there, cover my retreat
Won’t fight a loosing battle

Superb: Endurance
Great: Athletics, Weapons
Good: Science, Engineering, Leadership
Fair: Resolve, Intimidation, Resources, Academics
Average: Deceit, Mysteries, Alertness, Rapport, Stealth

Endurance: One Hit to the Body; Thick Skinned; Man of Iron (of course)
Engendering: Personal Gadget(x2): ‘Super’ metal body
Leadership: Minions
Weapons: Close at Hand (Works with the suits built in blades)

Gadgets: ‘Super’ metal body – (Armored Tank) Miniaturization; Special Effect (full body); Futurization; Built in Blades (Retractable Blades in arms); Indistructable* (counts as 2 upgrades)

*Indistructable – The metal body can not be bent, broken, or damaged. However, due to his mental infusion of the suit, Professor Überstahl can still be blinded, dazed, confused, or suffer any other consequence that has some mental component. He can even be knocked unconscious but the actual body can not be harmed by any known force of the time.

Minions: Professor Überstahl can usually bring two or three ‘metal men’ to a fight. They fight as ‘average’ minions.

Health: [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []
Composure: [] [] [] [] [] []

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