Princess Of The Pythons

Princess of the Pythons!

The woman known as the "Princess of the Pythons" was a native to the jungles of the Congo when something seemed to call to her. It was her instinct of survival. She was to live on, and no one else was. Everyone around her — her family, her tribe — were all tools of her survival.
As a famine took hold of her homeland, she decided secure her survival, so she killed them all. One by one, she butchered them and ate each corpse.
With her village gone, she turned to the jungle where she stalked prey and learned the ways of the wild. She even found a special rapport with snakes of all kinds.
But eventually, her taste for humans pushed her toward civilization, where she hunted anew. While hunting humans was actually less challenging, she found that the real fun was hurting them and inflicting pain.
She loved to watch them squirm. She pleasured in their pain.
Inside her, wrapped in a shell of a lithe, seductive beauty, her mesmerized victims saw only death. She seemed cold, calculating and only capable of killing.
Still, she found her talents brought her notoriety, and she has found work again and again as a torturer and assassin.

1. The Congo
2. Reptilian Brain
3. "I killed them. I killed them all."
4. Cold, dead eyes
5. Touch of Malice
6. Interesting diet
7. "The way of the jungle"
8. Forked tongue
9. Lithe and Sinewy
10. Beauty on the outside, evil on the inside


Superb — Survival
Great — Resolve, Mysteries
Good — Deceit, Might, Rapport
Fair — Alertness, Endurance, Stealth, Intimidate
Average — Art, Athletics, Sleight of Hand, Resources, Burglary

Survival — Animal Friend (Snakes), Call of the Wild (Snakes), Tracker
Might — Unbound, Wrestler

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