Pirate Or Viking Aspect


Your a seafarer, the sort that raids towns or other ships for their booty. You have a strong bond to your fellow shipmates, and would not think of betraying them, but you might have a contempt for those who do not share your lifestyle. You are probably brave and daring, with a love of adventure, partying, and wenching.

Invoke To…

  • Fight, especially from ambush, or when there is booty to be gained!
  • Handle a ship.
  • Swing on ropes, sneak up on targets, and generally act piratical.
  • Intimidate people with your barbarism, and maybe seduce noble women with your crude charm.
  • Defend or rescue your ship-brothers.

Compel To…

  • Lose all your money gambling and wenching
  • Meet people you've raided before…
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