Perceptive Or Insightful Or Intuitive Aspect


You have keen senses and instincts, and grasp complex and instant quickly changing situations instantly.
I use this to: Notice things. React quickly to surprise. Avert mistakes by noticing the error I'm about to commit (e.g. first aid)

Invoke To…

  • React to surprising events or sudden changes in circumstances.
  • Avert mistakes by realising that the right thing to do is wrong (for example, gain a bonus to first aid when you point out, 'yes, common wisdom does state that removing a barbed arrow could cause fatal bleeding, but look at the pressure on his lungs - it has to come out now!')

Compel To…

  • Appear to know <i>too</i> much.
  • To <i>actually</i> know too much (learn something that makes you a target).
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