New Mechanics

Conflict resolution

  • Initiative: Alternative rules for initiative order in conflict.
  • Showdown: Rules for Gunslinger and Swordsman face-offs. Think Noon at the OK Corrall.
  • Dogfighting: Optional rules for dogfights.
  • Faster Conflicts: Exchanges taking too long? Use these alterations to make conflicts faster and deadlier.
  • Independent rolls: conflict rules where you specify a difficulty before you roll, lets you have "something to shoot for," and lets you come up with what you are trying to do before the fact (with standard SotC rules, you can't really narrate until after you see the result).
  • Quick Conflicts: an alternate system for fast but very dramatic conflicts.
  • Threats: Lenny's thoughts on creating opponents better than minions, but not quite full-on characters.
  • Varying Consequences By Weapon: For when fists and shotguns need to have different effects.
  • More rules for gear: Two of Lenny's personal takes on handling equipment in conflicts.


  • Simple Magic: Flexible and dirt-simple magic from the creators of SotC.
  • Simpler Mythos Magic: a magic system based on the gadget rules for a Cthulu-esque feel
  • Magic as Maneuvers: use magic to place aspects on opponents or the caster ([Armed with Magic!])
  • Magic with Risk: A (proto) magic system that balances magical flexibility with risk to the caster
  • Tactical Magic: A (proto) magic system in which spell-casting interacts with tactical maneuvering.


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