Mother of Two Aspect


You are the mother of two(one, three, etc) boys(girls) and that is both your strength, delight, weakness and terror.

Invoke To…

Help you get through things so you can get back to your children. ("My sons are waiting for me at home and nothing is going to stop me from getting home to them tonight")
Keep your cool when dealing with frustrating or potentially 'ick factor' events or interactions. ("You think that's a mess? You should see a baby diaper after somebody gave them blueberries.")

Compel To…

Prevent you from focusing on event at hand. ("Son, mommy needs to focus on this research right.. no don't touch that.. I.. stop. Where's your brother?")
Use your children(or threats to them) to prevent you from being able to take actions or to reduce the effectiveness of your actions.

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