Meg Chen The Hearts Collector

Meg Chan, the Hearts Collector

Phase One

Megumi Aiko was born and raised to be a Geisha in a Japan of dying traditions and rising technology. Her natural beauty and insight into the hearts of people made her a successful, yet reluctant, student. Since a very young age she showed potential in many forms of art, something very important in her future career. Her art was a kind of channel to her emotions, or a mirror to the emotions of others. Most astonishing though, was her talent to simply understand people. With deep eyes and an easy smile, even her teachers could not avoid her questions.

Phase Two

The coming of the Great War disrupted Megumi's peaceful life. Already of age for being "made a pro", she found her destiny in the hands of a Thule official who bought her as a toy. Although she knew what she was being trained for all along, being bought was too much! Geishas are artists of pleasure, honored women, not toys. After some time of human slavery and abuse, Megumi seduced the kind hearted soldier that took care of her and managed to escape. Megumi's heart is still pure, despite all the pain.

She found refuge in a German whorehouse, billed as "the greatest treasure of the East" to very high paying customers. Although this life was still not how she wanted to live, it was still much better. There she learned a bit more about western culture and came to meet her future patron, Sir Warden Halard, a British member of the Century Club that might have fallen in love with her if not for their difference of age.

Megumi helped Halard to get a lot of confidential information all around, and in return was promised a life elsewhere. Anywhere else but the whorehouse, far from the war and the Thule. In the process, Halard invited her into the Century Club, still entranced by her beauty and sheer talent to deal with people. Megumi did not think twice and accepted.

Phase Three

Meg Chan is In Too Deep

After establishing herself in London as a prominent artist, Meg Chan (as she is known in England) faces a dangerous conspiracy to take over the government led by none other than a Centurion! Having to identify the traitors before it's too late and not knowing who to trust, the "Eastern Lady" manages to get all the information she needs from the mouth of the conspirators themselves, one by one, until she reaches the ring leader. She is shocked to learn that it is Sir Halard himself! Shocked and horrified, but with a steady hand, she puts an end to his menace with a sad smile.

Phase Four

Meg Chan co-stars with Spider Webb in The Great Art Caper

Spider Webb looks for information about Oriental pieces of art she suspects are fake. Meg Chan helps her understand the difference between western and eastern art in a profound sense. The girls become short-term rivals when Walter seems too interested in the Japanese girl's charms, but, in the end, Meg helps Webb to get over the sadness of Walter's death.

Phase Five

Meg Chan co-stars with Jack Archer in Jack Archer Vs Black Death

Having heard that the plan to assassinate Paul Von Hinderburg might be the work of the Thule, Meg Chan offers Jack her total assistance in the mission. While the marksman protects the president with his precision skills, Meg does her best to find out who the hell has contracted Black Death and how he will act before Jack gets in real trouble against the man who bargained with the Devil. During the mission, her heart is confused and she finds herself yearning for real love.


Rapport, Art
Academics, Investigation, Deceit
Contacting, Resolve, Sleight Of Hand, Resources
Mysteries, Leadership, Athletics, Fists, Alertness


Empathy: Track The Soul, Cold Read. Heart's Secret
Rapport: Popular Gal, The Right Questions


  • Soulful artist
  • Knows the people's hearts
  • Too cute for her own good
  • Enemy of the Thule
  • "I want someone" can be used to be even more seductive, but in a romantic fashion. It can be compelled to make her fragile to Don Juans
  • Still pure - by that, I mean she still tries to do things right. Even when seducing, she tends to be romantic, she talks a lot about "purification" and "meaning to actions". Again, she may be kinda innocent when this one is compelled.
  • The Dangerous Game - Meg is getting used to take part in conspiracies and complex situations full of covert people. This is her "not innocent" side. Still, can be compelled to get her too involved.
  • "I just had to ask" shows her style of investigation. She gains the confidence of people and simply gets the infos she needs. But she can rarely prove what she finds out…
  • A sad smile - sometimes, she can be more charming for she is sad and fragile. Sometimes it troubles her.
  • Soulful artist - her Art is very personal. If she can talk to a person, she is able to create just the kind of thing (painting, music, dance) the person would enjoy most. Sometimes, it's too personal, offensive, revelatory…

She is a quiet, yet charming and sometimes hot, girl. She observes and listens a lot, talk to everybody, makes the right questions and gets to conclusions. She uses her "Mysteries" to make fun of people, so afraid of the "powers of the East", but she only knows a few legends, creating on the fly a lot of "details". She knows basically how to defend herself as well and has a comfortable life.

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