Maximilian Xhavius

Maximilian Xhavius

Years ago, before the turn of the Century, there was a man named Maximilian Xhavius. A more dreadful person could not be imagined. The horrible murders of Whitechapel murders are believed to have been the handiwork of one of his pawns, and the bombing of the Century Club building in Brussels has also been attributed to him. It is known that he spoke at length on the subject of Centurions with the great villains of the era, The Black Baron, The Huntsman, even Doctor Metheuselah himself. Then, on the turn of the Century, he announced that he now had a son. No one knows what poor unfortunate woman was part to this, but there are rumors of a secret marriage between him and one of the paramount adventuresses of the era. Or perhaps, he used dark magic, or science? No one knows.

Stage One
Young Michael, as he was called, was tutored in villainy since he was a baby. He had tutors for science, math, strategy, hand-to-hand combat and more. His father was grooming him to take a place in the halls of dark masterminds everywhere. Despite numerous attempts by the governments of the world to assassinate them both, Michael persevered, growing more and more skilled in the arts of evil
Aspects: "I am my father's son" and "Finest Tutors money could buy"

Stage Two
When the war began, Michael left home, presenting himself to the Kaiser's Intelligence Department. He didn't fight on their side for any real love of Germany, but because he knew the Centurions would be fighting on the side of the British and the French. He ended up in their science department, where the weapons he helped create cost the allied forces many lives. He left the Germans after the Centurions and a British task force destroyed his lab, but he knew, that his name had become known.
Aspects: "My Dark Science" and "My Foes, the Century Club"

Stage Three
Unusual as it may seem, a brave young author approached Michael Xhavius, and asked him if he could chronicle some of the scientist's "adventures". With a laugh, Michael agreed, and so was written and published "Michael Xhavius and the Mountains of Forever" In which the intrepid evil-doer led an expedition into the Himalayas, discovering a lost society, perfectly sustained, which was brought to a tumultuous downfall by the machinations of Xhavius.
Aspects: "My Mind rules my Body" and "Lost Science of Shangri-La"

Stage Four
Michael Xhavius has met the strange, inhuman Carlo Rambaldi when they met in The Ghouls of Morocco. Michael aided his strange new ally in attempting to unlock the secrets of spectronium and defeating the things that stood in his path, and in return Michael took several of the subhuman monster corpses away with him, to fuel his growing interest in the creation of new monsters.
Aspects: "I am known to the world of Evil" and "Monster Maker"

Stage Five
Xhavius later appeared in The Jackdaw and the Phoenix Stone where, he grudgingly helped his acquaintance, the Knave of Diamonds, defeat the Firebird, who's heat ray was threatening his own lab as well as the city of Paris. His scientific expertise was invaluable in disabling the ray itself.
Aspects "I am not misunderstood, I AM MAD!" and "Understands the Science of Death"

Fists Deceit
Leadership Survival Resolve
Academics Resources Contacting Athletics
Endurance Investigation Guns Stealth Engineering

Science: Scientific Genius (biology), Doctor, Scientific Invention
Fists: Martial Arts
Leadership: Contact (Spade, Xhavius's finest creation, is an uplifted Komodo Dragon. With a Quality upgrade to Great).

To advance him boost his Contact, give him some minions, and/or upgrade his engineering and endurace.

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