M-me Miriam McGreede

M-me Miriam McGreede

Little Miriam was the only child of rich and influential businessman and grew up very capricious and spoiled. From the very early age she had everything that she wanted. Her father have gone great lenghts to give her good education; her life was free of worries, as it was suited for the girl of such good upbringing, but that haven't amended her character.
When she became 15, Miriam was kidnapped by infamous criminal mastermind, Joshua Nox. He wanted to blackmail her father, but Miriam, who was infatuated by the power of his criminal empire and the huge collection of 'acquired' objects d'art, became first his concubine, then trusted person, then second in command. With her help, Nox got his hands on many priceless artworks, and he began to show much more taste when choosing his loot.
But this idyllic relationship ended, when Nox was defeated by the members of Centurion Club. Connections of her father, some greased palms and tearful story published in newspaper allowed Miriam to go free and unpunished.
In a few years, she is still leading the same life of wealthy socialite that frequents art galleries and parties. She is sought after as the source of rumors, and it is said that she turned gossiping into a form of high art. Rarely anyone dares to face her wrath, but there is no lack of flunkies that want to do her every bidding.
Few people in the know, however, are aware that Miriam McGreede inherited a control over sizable chunk of Nox's criminal empire. Quite a few other criminals are answering to her.
Anyone who cross her is either thoroughly humiliated in the eyes of high society, or just vanish, or both. And her hatred to Centurions is still profound.

World Is Revolving Around Her
Best Teachers Money Can Buy
Scandalous Past
Heir of the Villain
"Do you dare to strike a woman?"
Undying Hate for Century Club

Superb: Art
Great: Contacting, Leadership
Good: Empathy, Intimidation, Rapport
Fair: Gambling, Deceit, Resources, Academics
Average: Drive, Guns, Sleight of Hand, Resolve, Endurance

Art: Razor Tongue, Poison Words
Connections: Network of Contacts, Big Man (err… Woman ) in Crime
Leadership: Center of the Web

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