Lilian Webb Aka The Spider Or Spider Webb

Lillian Webb aka “The Spider” or Spider Webb

Phase One

Lillian Schwartzberg was born into a wealthy New York family. Her family made their considerable fortune in the mercantile and import business’. She traveled around the world extensively with her parents on buying trips and world wide vacations. Although this lifestyle did not allow her to really ever have many steady relationships she learned from an early age how to ‘win friends and influence people.” This was due as much to her quiet, intelligent nature as it was to her cupie doll looks, and petite frame.

Aspects: Everyone’s Kid Sister; “I’ve been here, where are we going next”

Phase Two

During the war, Lillian found herself working in the family’s distribution centers in Europe. During this time she made even more contacts and acquaintances with every level of society and the various European armies. It was not uncommon for her to spend one night in an army supply depot near the front lines and the next dining with the noble and royal families of Europe.

It was during one of her trips to the front that Lillie met two men who would change her life. The first was Major Walter Johansson and the second was a young Captain Walter Webb. (Captain Webb was actually Walter Webb, a highly regarded and talented actor on the stages of Broadway.) These two men were at the supply post that Lillie was inspecting when it was overrun by enemy forces. Both men were very surprised to learn that Lillie had been taught how to fence by her father and was quite handy with a sword. Lillie and both men escaped with little difficulty. After the war, Major Johansson introduced Lillie to the Century Club. Her association with Captain Webb took a different path.

Upon returning from the war Lillie and Walter became constant companions. Then, after a short courtship they became married. Between the social contacts of Lillie, her family, and Walter’s theater friends the guest list was so large that the wedding was held outdoors.

Aspects: “I’m not afraid of being on the front lines”, "Why invite one when you can invite 100?"

Phase Three

Spider Webb in The Great Art Caper

Soon after the wedding Lillie took on another job for her family, she started coordinating the purchase and transportation of fine art objects for museums and wealthy collectors. It was during this time that she started finding that major artworks were being replace with almost perfect fakes. Using her vast network of contacts and friends (or as Walter called it her 'spider web’) she was able to track down the culprits. Unfortunately, during the final confrontation, after he rushed to her aid, Walter was killed.

“I’ll never get emotionally close to anyone again”; Meg Chen

Phase Four

Spider Webb co-stars with "Phoney" Mahoney in The Killer on the Canvas

Having met "The Spider" when she was investigating him for several high profile art forgeries (of which he was innocent), Mahoney decided to call her and ask for assistance in tracking down the killers.

Aspects: "No, Mahoney is not a crook"; ?????

Empathy, Resources
Art, Rapport, Academics
Weapons, Mysteries, Alertness, Deceit
Survival, Resolve, Endurance, Athletics, Drive

Contacting – I know a guy, who knows a guy; Network of Contacts
Empathy – Track the Soul
Rapport – Five Minute Friends; Popular Gal
Leadership - Center of the Web

  • "Why invite one when you can invite 100?" - She never likes to be alone or do things small. When she calls for help she will sometimes get more help than the situation calls for. For example, it's hard to sneak up on a jungle fortress with 3 guides, 4 porters, 2 reporters, and 5 hired guards.

Combine that with “Everyone’s kid sister” and she could get helpers who hinder her because they are trying to protect her and not let her get into harms way.

  • A Tug at the Strands(sensing what's really going on, or what she THINKS is going on)
  • This Spider can Bite!(sudden bursts of violence, perhaps preceded by Deceit)
  • "Said the spider to the fly…"(trapping people with greed or their own lies)
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