Kiet Chulalongkorn Ex Monk

Kiet Chulalongkorn

Phase 1

Kiet was born into a relatively obscure part of the royal Siamese line. Although he was
not much involved in politics, he was aware of his heritage and his father made sure he knew
he had a high standard to uphold.

  • Obscure Royal Family
  • I must be worthy of my heritage

Phase 2—the Great War

Siam was nominally involved in the Great War, trying to gain favour with the U.K. to get pro-
tection from France's colonial steamroller in Southeast Asia. Kiet spent the requisite couple
of years as a monk just before this time, proving a very able student. He went to Oxford for
his education, and thus was swept up into the Great War much more intimately than his family
had intended, horrifying them by actually signing up (he lied about his age). They could do
nothing about his involvement at such a distance, and he saw action in the field. He became
especially well-known for his seemingly unstoppable resolve, remaining unfazed in even the
most extreme conditions. Here he met Sargeant 'Lefty' MacDonnell; they bonded over the some-
times discriminatory treatment in the ranks, but MacDonnell would prove to be more than he

  • 'Does this guy *ever* give up?'
  • There's been enough killing today

Phase 3—Kiet and __ in the Terror Monks of Siam!

Returning home to his concerned but proud family, Kiet introduces them to his friend Sargeant
MacDonnell. Kiet's father asks him to look after railway development that is fast progressing
and which the family company is involved in. In a remote jungle area, they discover a bizarre
heretical sect of monks who worship the 'screaming Buddha.' They must fight their way through
crazed monks who seem to care nothing for their own lives to protect the railway workers and
free the terrorized villagers. Sargeant MacDonald sacrifices his own life to stop the glowing
idol of the Screaming Buddha from activating, which would have released some unknown horror.

  • 'This is NOT Buddhist.'
  • There are no mysteries, it is all nature

Phase 4—___ and Kiet in _____!

Kiet is swept up into adventure!

  • 'Does that suit *get* dirty?'
  • Sometimes, compassion is a good thrashing

Phase 5—__ and Kiet in _____!

Kiet travels to foreign lands, and re-connects with his past as a monk, under pressure.

  • My vows keep me
  • Always ready for love


Superb (+5)
Great (+4)
Intimidate, Resources
Good (+3)
Fists, Guns, Rapport
Fair (+2)
Academics, Deceit, Contacting, Science
Average (+1)
Drive, Alertness, Endurance, Leadership, Athletics


  • Inner Strength
  • Iron Determination
  • Still Standing
  • International
  • The Right Questions


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