Justin Throne

Justin Throne

Throne Imports and Exports profits from African blood diamonds. Throne Munitions supplies conflicts the world over, stacking the odds in favour of Justin’s designs, or just playing both sides against the middle for profit. Throne Providential secretly offers crime lords and masterminds Life Assurance with a twist: the policy pays out to the assassin or bounty hunter that successfully avenges the demise of the policy-holder. Throne Industries despoils and poisons the landscape, and ruthlessly sponsors forces opposed to trade union movements, socialism and bolshevism. The Throne Institute probes mental powers and stranger esoteric claims. The Throne Exploratory Foundation exploits the hidden secrets of the world under the guise of ‘expeditions of cultural, anthropological and archaeological significance’.


Thwarted by self-appointed ‘heroes’? Dirigible laboratory sabotaged? Plan to abduct the Princess of Nekepra-Tep foiled? Fear not, because that Death Ray design could earn you thousands with Throne Research and Development!


Born to considerable prosperity under the famed explorer Wendell Throne, who drank and gambled his fortune away before Justin’s eyes, driving his mother to abandon him to his father’s slow and exuberant demise. Justin won it all back through sheer bloody-mindedness, corporate savvy and a dedication to never end up a meaningless, forgotten failure like his father.


Dedicated and experienced in your work for Throne Enterprises? An exceptional talent for business, science, engineering? Or perhaps your unique talents lie a little off the beaten track - why not look into emigrating to Zero Island.

Located at zero longitude, zero latitude off the African coast, Zero Island is billionaire Justin Throne's private nation. Purchased by legal accord and populated entirely by the best and brightest of his employees, safeguarded by a dedicated security corps and offered the finest in medical care and entertainment. Tiny and devastatingly exclusive, Zero Island is a meritocracy without par. No visa or citizenship is ever granted without Throne's personal approval.


Justin Throne will deal with anyone. He has certain ideological motivations, but he will compromise them in the short term for gain. He's made pacts with entities that describe themselves as demons. He and Stalin have "an arrangement".

Throne essentially considers himself the world’s ruler. His corporate holdings are vast and the Zero Island micronation is weathering the Depression better than most full-fledged states. The world is at his feet.

But that isn’t enough for Throne. He has bigger, brighter things in mind. Earth is nothing more than a staging post, a launch pad for his designs to make himself the biggest name in human history. He funds esoteric research, cryptocartological exploration and scientific endeavour, hoarding all the knowledge, technology and artefacts he can gather until he has amassed enough knowledge and capability to make Mankind truly great, and himself greatest of them all. In a given year, his vision of the future might be the Human Space Empire, or of Throne Multiversal Real Estate, or of a true War to End All Wars.

Whatever he’s pursuing at a given time, you can be sure that he won’t shed a tear if a billion people have to die to make that bright future possible. Perhaps he will be remembered for the vastness of his crimes as well as the extent of his achievements, but both will cement his place in history forever.

That’s if he ever actually dies, which he has more than a few million pounds invested in preventing …

[Notes: These stats are Justin Throne at 'PC Level'. Since he has the chops to be a full-scale nemesis to a team of heroes, it might be wise to pile on a few more Contacting, Resources and Leadership stunts. The PCs should find his corporate tendrils everywhere, and be faced with constant offers of being bought out: "Just let me keep the Eye of Set, and I'll build four orphanages and a hospital. Make it three hospitals. And I'll use my leverage to put Boss Carliucci behind bars forever- he's been giving you trouble, right? I can see to it."

He shouldn't have any stunts from anywhere else. His high Rapport and Empathy help with business deals, but ultimately he has no great social insight. He only uses his social skills to find the most efficient way to buy out or decimate his opponents.]


Big Picture Guy
Self-Made Man
"What Throne Enterprises cannot provide is not worth having."
Master of Zero Island
"Devil's bargain? I've been on both sides of those."
"Your employer owes Mr Throne a favour."
The World Is Only The Beginning
Obsessed With His Legacy
Rich Man's World


Superb: Resources
Great: Contacting, Leadership
Good: Rapport, Empathy, Resolve
Fair: Deceit, Investigation, Art, Academics
Average: Science, Engineering, Pilot, Drive, Mysteries


Big Man In Business
Big Name

Stately Pleasure Dome [Zero Island]
Long Term Investment
Grease The Wheels

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