Johnny Weasel

Johnny Weasel
(Based mostly on Vila Restal from “Blakes’s 7”)

Johnny is more of a nuisance than an actual villain. He ends up working for bigger bad guys more often than not.

“I hate personal violence, especially when I'm the person.” †
“I'm a thief. Other people's property comes naturally to me!” †
“I'm not nervous. Just… poised for action, that's all.” †
“Just taking care of it while you were unconscious.” †
Can’t seem to hold on to money
Cat like reflexes
Mouse like personality
Fear is a great personal motivator (The more scared he is the faster he can pick locks.)
Humor is a good defense (You won’t hurt me if you are laughing at me)
Smarter than he looks or acts

Superb: Burglary
Great: Athletics, Slight of Hand
Good: Deceit, Alertness, Stealth
Fair: Art, Empathy, Rapport, Contacting,
Average: Academics, Gambling, Engineering, Investigation, Guns

Athletics: Human Spider, Slippery
Burglary: Tripwire Sensibilities
Stealth: Skulking
Deceit: The Honest Lie

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