Johnny Dorado International Gambler

Johnny Dorado, International Gambler

Phase One:

Johnny ran away from home a young age to live on the road with his “shiftless, good-for-nothing” Uncle Pete. His uncle had noted young Johnny’s gifts for games of chance after teaching him poker while visiting one Christmas. After his uncle was given the bums rush by his enraged father, Johnny decided to follow. He had no interest in following in his father footsteps in a Virginia coalmine, and his uncle lived comfortably.

Over the next several years, Johnny learned cards and other games of chance from a master. He also learned grifting, his uncle teaching him how to take advantage of the greed of others.

Phase Two:

During the early years of the war, Johnny, a regular fixture at the casinos in the French Riviera, was recruited into French intelligence and the Century Club by the same man. He spent the rest of the war mostly in casinos in neutral countries, spying on German officers who were gambling there, learning what he could from them, and passing it along to French intelligence. He also used his guile to plant false information, leading the Kaiser’s officers to terrible mistakes, ruining more than one career.

Phase Three:

Johnny Dorado in The Curse of Fufua Mtu

Johnny Dorado walked away from a private, high stakes game with a wallet full of cash, and a small wooden box filled with some sort of powder. A desperate, drunk and slightly deranged man had wagered it and lost. Johnny walked away from that game, and death followed with him. He quickly discovers the deadly lengths someone will go to in order to possess the box, desperate measures that only begin with murder. Can Johnny unravel the mystery of the box and the secret of the powder it contains? Or is this finally it for Johnny?

Phase Four

Phase Five


  • A taste for the good life
  • Rootless
  • Cool head
  • Enemy: former General Friedrich Gruenewald
  • “I’ve been dead. It ain’t so bad.”
  • Indebted to Penda Kamau
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?


Rapport, Deceit
Empathy, Guns, Resolve
Fists, Empathy, Intimidation, Resources
Athletics, Drive, Endurance, Investigation, Mysteries


Gambling - Winnings, Players’ Club, Gambling Buddy
Deceit - The Honest Lie
Rapport - International


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