Jareph Labatt, the Illustrious One

Jareph Labatt, the Illustrious One

Who haven't heard of Jareph Labatt? He was a poor boy, whose studies of science allowed him to increase his already staggering intellect to the heights unknown before! He's able to read minds! He's able to predict future (and gained himself a great deal of money on the stock market)! He's kind enough to share his teachings with those he deemed worthy! Newspapers are full of praise of this man. People are flocking to him. His predictions are always right. But Jareph Labatt aren't what most people are think of him. He wasn't poor even a minute of his life – he's a son of millionaire. He has good education, but his name doesn't mean anything in academic circles. The newspapers that support his overblown reputation are owned by him (literally).

Early during his career as high society playboy, Jareph came over rare manuscripts describing the secrets of mesmerism. This knowledge, and substantial cut of father's capitals were put into creation of greatest scam. His "predictions" are nothing but careful collecting of information and right deductions. Lots of people are his unwilling informers, and cadre of fanatical brainwashed followers can rival an army in strength. He is planning to establish his rule over the whole world and make every man on Earth to bend to his wishes.
He has to be stopped. But those brave souls should always remember that Labatt's force is in his reputation, and he will do anything to protect it…

Old Money
Flamboyant Fop
Reputation of Living Wonder
Always Surrounded by Flunkies
Shameless Hedonist
Likes the Attention of Press
Doesn't Like to Lose

Superb: Contacting
Great: Mysteries, Resources
Good: Art, Resolve, Endurance
Fair: Academics, Deceit, Investigation, Leadership
Average: Athletics, Guns, Drive, Pilot, Weapons

Network of Contacts, Big Man in Businness, Big Name, Big Reputation (Contacting)
Mesmerist, Hypnotic Speech, Mind's Shadow (Mysteries)

(To reduce his power to PC level, drop Network of Contacts and Mind's Shadow stunts)

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