Jack Archer The Sharpshooter

Jack Archer, the Sharpshooter

Phase One

Jack Archer was born in a small rural town in Notrthen England. His father was a huntsman and wanted to pass his trade to his son, so Jack spent a lot of time whth father either in the forests, learning tracking and habits of birds and animals, or in the firing range, training in the use of a rifle.

Aspects: "Lessons of my father", "Trust my instincts"

Phase Two

When the Great War began, Jack Archer immediately signed in the army. Noted for his marksmanship, he was transferred to a small special force, which was trained in sharpsooting and stealth, and then tasked to infiltrate behind enemy lines, scouting enemy positions and killing enemy commanders and officers. When Jack Archer captured documents of one of the German generals containing hints about a greater conspiracy of some sort and successfully eluded pursuing enemies, his commander, who was a member of the Century Club, felt that such a man surely deserves a membership.

Aspects: "Behind enemy lines", "Just at the right moment"

Phase Three

Jack Archer vs. The Black Death

When Century Club learns that some sinister power intends to assassinate newly elected president of Germany, Paul von Hindenburg, there is no doubt whom to send to provide his security. But how can one man, even armed with a weapon created by a brightest minds of a Century Club, prevent the assassination, when the supposed killer is the infamous "Black Death", Jack Archer's war enemy, German sniper who gained strange powers by bargaining with Devil himself?

Aspects: "The world is stranger than I think", "The Negotiator"

Phase Four

aspects: ???

Phase Five

aspects: ???


superb- Guns
great - Alertness, Stealth
good - Survival, Resolve, Endurance
fair - Athletics, Weapons, Deceit, Mysteries
average - Drive, Science, Intimidation, Engineering, Leadership


Guns: Long Shot, Stay on Target, Snap Shot
Engineering: Presonal Gadget (The Negotiator, sniper rifle, Minituarization, Craftsmanship, Weird Science - basically a modern, but much more compact, sniper rifle).
Alertness: Danger Sense

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