Inigo Montoya


Stage One: Early Life

Inigo's father, a swordsmith, was killed by a man with six fingers on his right hand. Young Inigo was cut on both his cheeks when he tried to fight the killer.

Stage Two: The Great War Wandering the World

Inigo spent the next ten years studying swordplay, preparing for a rematch against the six-fingered man.

Stage Three: First Novel

In Search of the Six-Fingered Man!

Stage Four: Guest Star

Guest Starring: Vizzini

Stage Five: Guest Star

Guest Starring: Fezzik


  • On a quest for revenge
  • Master of a dozen schools of fencing
  • Not left handed
  • Drunkard
  • Spaniard
  • His father's last sword
  • Not a lot of money in the revenge business


Superb: Weapons
Great: Athletics, Alertness


Weapons: Flawless Parry, Riposte
Alertness: I'm On Top Of It, Ready For Anything

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