Griever The Demon Horse Aspect


You are the rider of Griever the Mutant Demon Horse, a hideously twisted abomination against nature.

Invoke To…

  • Have Griever show up at just the right moment to carry you away to safety.
  • Succeed at feats of horsemanship impossible with an <i>ordinary</i> horse.
  • Take advantage of Griever's unique attributes, such as using his corrosive saliva to melt through a padlock.

Compel To…

  • Have trouble dealing with others, either justly ('Hey, that beast is trying to eat Fluffy!') or unjustly ('No way in hell I'm letting that <em>thing</em> on my ship!')
  • Be carried off into trouble by Griever's whims.
  • Lose your friends' horses when Griever scares them away.
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