Greedy Aspect


Seek wealth, land, titles, power! Never be satisfied with what you have.
You might justify your greed by claiming you need the wealth or power for some great task or ridding the land of some evil, and it nay actually be true. But it still leads you to act <i>as if</i> you are greedy.

Invoke To…

  • Succeed in any goal, by fair means or foul, where there is some material benefit at stake (prove yourself worthy of running that estate, or simply an opportunity to loot the bodies)

Compel To…

  • Provide an “opportunity” for questionable or immoral actions in the pursuit of greed.
  • Encounter people who have been stiffed by you.


This aspect might be used as a Modifier: add it to another aspect to create broader aspects. For example: Greedy Knight of... Aspect

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