Sleight of Hand Stunts


✪ Bump and Grab [Sleight of Hand]

Your character is exceptionally skilled at taking advantage of distractions in order to make a quick grab. You may spend a fate point to make a simple Sleight of Hand attempt to do something – pick a pocket, palm an object – as a free action.

✪ Cool Hand [Sleight of Hand]

A steady hand can be critical when things get hairy. This character’s hands never shake and never waver.
Your character may ignore any difficulty increases from the environment when performing any fine manual work (even if that fine manual work doesn’t involve the Sleight of Hand skill, such as Burglary for lock picking, or Science for surgical work).
Further, his steadiness minimizes other distractions and cuts down on mistakes. Once per scene he may eliminate one single non-environmental penalty that affects his Sleight of Hand.

✪ Sucker Punch [Sleight of Hand]

If you are initiating an attack with someone who is not expecting it, you may use your Sleight of Hand skill instead of your Fists skill on the first exchange, provided you can directly interact with your target and narrate a reasonable distraction as your prelude.


✪ Juggler [Sleight of Hand]

You have a great talent for juggling; this includes the ability to throw around and catch seemingly dangerous objects (knives, torches) without any fear of harm to yourself.
If called on to make a skill roll for juggling, you gain a +2 on your roll. You may set this +2 bonus aside and instead use your Sleight of Hand skill instead of Art to make a performance that dazzles your audience.
This ability does not include the ability to catch weapons are thrown at you with the intent of harm – if you want that ability as well, you’ll have to look to the Catch stunt under Weapons (see page XX).
You may, however, use your Sleight of Hand skill to complement your Weapons skill whenever making a thrown weapon attack.

✪ Legerdemain [Sleight of Hand]

You have a knack for pulling off magic tricks and can draw the eye effortlessly. When performing a magic trick, you may use Sleight of Hand instead of Art to perform and entertain, getting a +1 bonus to your roll.
If you are covering up some other sort of activity at the same time, your effort to conceal receives a +1 as well.

✪ Stage Magic [Sleight of Hand]

Requires Legerdemain

You can perform misdirection on a large scale, under appropriately controlled circumstances. Provided you are acting within an arena you control (such as a stage, or an area you have had adequate time to prepare), there are simply no size limitations (within reason) for your Sleight of Hand targets.

✪ Master of Illusion [Sleight of Hand]

Requires Stage Magic

You can prepare for a large illusion in a very short period of time, using improvised props and rigging. This lets you bring the effects of Stage Magic into play very quickly; the time it takes to prepare is reduced by three steps, allowing the character to put together something in about a minute that would normally take half an hour of preparation.

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