Resources Stunts


✪ Grease the Wheels [Resources]

Money talks, especially in the halls of bureaucratic power. Whenever the character is in a situation where bribes will be accepted, he may use his Resources skill whenever he would otherwise use Leadership instead.

✪ Money Talks [Resources]

Rather than go looking for something, one can always just offer a reward. The character may spread some money around and use Resources in lieu of Contacting to attempt to find somebody or something. He doesn’t literally need to offer a reward, but it is necessary that he make an obvious display of wealth in some venue or another, preferably waving crisp money in the face of people in the know (or people who know people in the know). The downside of this approach is that it tends to be highly public, at least within some circles, and anyone interested will know what the character is looking for.


✪ Home Away From Home [Resources]

Normally, a character may have a single Library, Lab, Workshop, Arcane Library, or Arcane Workshop of a quality equal to his Resources-2 (see page 109). With this stunt, he has a second such property in a different location; he may specify the location during play (at which point it becomes locked in), or in advance.

✪ Headquarters [Resources]

One of your character’s properties – one location that functions as a Library, Lab, Workshop, Arcane Library, or Arcane Workshop (see page XX) — qualifies as a full-blown private headquarters, such as a mansion or a secret cave. The quality of this facility is automatically increased by two (such that it is equal to your Resources skill or Resources+1 in the case of a specialized function).
In addition, the headquarters may include one of the following extra elements:
Expert Staff
Your headquarters has a small staff of competent individuals: two with Average skill at something (choose the skill when defining the staff member), and a head or lauded functionary with a peak skill of Fair. These are, within the bounds of your headquarters, companions whom you may call on to assist you. They are bound to the location, and can’t ever leave it without losing their companion qualities (they effectively drop to Mediocre outside of their home environs). With another stunt, you may convert one of these staff members into a Trusted Employee (see page XX).
Secondary Facility
Your base facility normally serves one primary function – Library, Lab, Workshop, Arcane Library, or Arcane Workshop. This extra allows you to define a second function that operates at a quality level equal to your Resources minus 3.
Extensive Security
Security measures make your headquarters difficult to compromise. All difficulties for bypassing your headquarters’ security are increased by one.
Utmost Secrecy
The location of your headquarters is tantamount to a state secret. Few know of it, and even those located nearby may be unaware. The difficulty of any Investigation or Contacting roll to find the location of your lair is equal to your Resources.
Communications Center
Your headquarters is the nerve center of a number of vital channels of communication. Any communications routed to, from, or through your base take one time increment less to get to where they’re going, due to the efficiencies offered.

✪ Lair [Resources]

Requires Headquarters
The character’s headquarters has three elements (rather than one).

✪ Stately Pleasure Dome [Resources]

Requires Lair

The character’s lair is very much a wonder of the world. Not only does it have all of the possible elements listed above, but one of them may be traded out for something unique and distinctive, such as:
A world class lab (adding another 2 to the quality of one of the facilities and speeding the rate of research by one increment).
An exotic location (just outside Atlantis, on the moon, etc.), including a means of dedicated transport for reaching it.
A larger and highly competent staff (the facility head is of Good quality, and there are two Fair and three Average staff members).

It’s even possible that this distinctive element is something weird, like having your headquarters be mobile (movement is slow; the rate of movement will never compete with a full-on vehicle or plane, and finding places to park is an absolute pain).

✪ Trusted Employee [Resources]

Requires a Headquarters with the Expert Staff element

Choose one member of your staff – usually the person who qualifies as head of the facility. This person may now accompany you as a full-on companion (see page XX), including retaining her companion status outside your headquarters. She automatically has the quality level indicated by your headquarters stunts, and the Independent advance; you may choose three other advances for her as well (including increasing her quality to Good, if you haven’t done so through the other stunts).


✪ Best That Money Can Buy [Resources]

You have a discerning taste and a natural instinct for spending your money to get exactly the best and nothing less. You are at +1 to your Resources whenever making a purchase of something that would be considered “the best .” While this may seem like a discount, it’s not, really, since seeking out the best may mandate a price mark several steps above the baseline; still, this stunt helps to soften the blow.

✪ Long Term Investment [Resources]

You’ve had your money for a while now, and you’ve had a chance to make several strategic investments which you can cash in on when pressed for money. Once per session, you may sell one of these investments to get a +2 to any one Resources roll, as if you had spent a fate point to invoke an aspect.

✪ Money Is No Object [Resources]

Requires two other Resources stunts

Once per session, when called on to roll Resources, you may spend a fate point and simply act as if you had rolled ++++ on the dice. You may do this after the fact on a roll, and further may combine this with the effect from Long Term Investment to easily achieve a result of your Resources +6 (and, if it’s the Best That Money Can Buy, +7) – usually good enough to purchase almost anything.
If you use this stunt, your Resources skill will then operate at -2 for the rest of the session; you’ve simply tapped into everything at your disposal to make the purchase.

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