Pilot Stunts


✪ Barnstormer [Pilot]

This pilot can squeeze his plane through places where it has no business fitting. Normally, a pilot can spend a fate point for a coincidence or declaration to assure that the plane has enough clearance space to fly through. Characters with this stunt never need to spend a fate point: if it could fit, it can. What’s more, if your character does spend a fate point, he can fit the plane in places it absolutely should not be able to. This stunt is also useful for landing planes in improbably tight quarters.

✪ Flawless Navigation [Pilot]

The skies are an open map in the character’s mind. Unless bizarre circumstances are afoot, he can never get lost in flight. If something strange is happening – such as when flying through the Bermuda Triangle – the difficulties to his Pilot rolls are never reduced by more than 2.

✪ Fly by Night [Pilot]

Whether in dead of night or during a storm, your character’s piloting skills remain true. The character never faces increased difficulties due to environmental factors (darkness, weather) when flying. This does not protect his plane from taking damage from the environment – but his skill remains unreduced.

✪ Flying Ace [Pilot]

The character is a skilled combat pilot, and may use his Pilot skill to attack in a dogfight, assuming the plane is suitably armed. Normally, a pilot uses Pilot on his defense actions, and must use Guns in order to attack (similar to someone on foot using Athletics for defense and Guns for offense).

✪ Death From Above [Pilot]

Requires Flying Ace

The character’s combat flight experience makes him a deadly force when he gets the upper hand. While in flight, if he is able to make an attack on another flying target from an elevated position, he does two additional points of stress on a successful hit.
This stunt can’t be used two exchanges in a row; whenever making such an attack, the acrobatics take him out of his position of advantage.

✪ Walk Away From It [Pilot]

Requires at least two other Pilot stunts

The character has a great instinct for crash-landing planes, and is able to walk away from even the most catastrophic-seeming landings. While the character is piloting a plane into its crash landing, he and his passengers get the benefits of the Death Defiance stunt, and are all considered “out of sight” when the plane crashes.


✪ Personal Aircraft [Pilot]

You have a personal aircraft that you own or have the exclusive right to fly. In all respects, this stunt functions like the Custom Ride stunt. Please refer to that stunt for details.

✪ Prototype Aircraft [Pilot]

Requires Personal Aircraft

Identical to the Prototype Car stunt , but for your plane.

✪ Plane Mechanic [Pilot]

Requires at least two other Pilot stunts

Your character may not understand the broader aspects of engineering devices and such, but when it comes to planes, he knows them inside and out. Whenever working on a plane, you may use your Pilot skill instead of Engineering. Due to some shared principles, you may work on other vehicles at a -1.

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