Might Stunts


✪ Herculean Strength [Might]

The character is incredibly strong, capable of lifting great weights. All weight-based difficulties that don’t involve combat are reduced by two steps. See page XX for more on weights.

✪ Piledriver [Might]

Requires Herculean Strength

The character is capable of landing powerful blows with hammer-like force. At their best, these blows can rip apart steel cages and knock down walls. A character with Piledriver adds four to his attacks with Might against inanimate targets.

✪ Unbound [Might]

If you are physically restrained in some fashion – be it by chains or a mob of people – you receive a +2 bonus to your Might in your efforts to break out of those bonds.
Combined with Piledriver (above), the character simply cannot be held in place by most mundane methods.

✪ Unstoppable [Might]

Requires Herculean Strength and at least one other Might stunt

Once in motion, this character is very difficult to stop due to his sheer muscular force.
The character may use Might rather than Athletics for move actions; this includes sprinting (see page XX). Furthermore, all blocks to his movement, including borders which can be “smashed” through, are considered to be two lower.


✪ Wrestler [Might]

Requires one other Might Stunt

The character is a trained wrestler. The character may use their Might skill instead of Fists.

✪ Body Toss [Might]

Requires Wrestler

You know how to apply your strength in a fight to take people off their feet. Whenever making a throw or a push maneuver (page XX), you may consider the target to weigh one weight factor (page XX) less than usual.

✪ Hammerlock [Might]

Requires Wrestler

Whenever you perform an action block (see page XX) by personally grabbing hold of someone, you do so at +1. Any time that person tries to break through the block and fails, you may inflict a single point of stress.

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