Athletics Stunts


✪ Contortionist [Athletics]

You can fit into and through spaces and shapes that no normal human readily can. Normally, contorting tasks are impossible to attempt, or at best default to a (non-existent) Contortion skill rated at Mediocre. With this stunt, you can use your full Athletics score instead, and have rationale to attempt feats of contortion that are simply unavailable to others.

✪ Acrobat [Athletics]

You are able to perform any number of impressive acrobatic feats. Difficulties assigned for complex maneuvers while acting (e .g walking on a tightrope, doing brain surgery while hanging from a trapeze) are reduced by two. Falling rolls gain a +2 bonus. When used acrobatically, your Athletics skill can never be used to restrict another skill, only complement it.

✪ Safe Fall [Athletics]

Requires Acrobat

The character can skip effortlessly down sheer surfaces without harm, allowing him to safely fall great distances. When the character falls, but is near a solid surface, such as the wall of a shaft, or has sufficient other things like ropes to offset his fall, all falls are treated as two categories shorter (and may be reduced another step with Athletics as normal).

✪ Slippery [Athletics]

Requires at least one other Athletics stunt

You gain a +2 to all attempts to defend against knockback or push attacks, as well as any attempts to escape from bonds.


✪ Marathon Training [Athletics]

You know how to conserve your energy when undergoing lengthy athletic activity (long-distance running, multi-day climbs, etc). You may use Athletics instead of Endurance under such circumstances, and in most other cases may complement any Endurance rolls with your Athletics.

✪ Fast as a Leopard [Athletics]

Requires Marathon Training

You are incredibly fast on your feet. Whenever taking a sprint (but not move) action using Athletics, the value of that action is improved by two. Alternately, you may set aside this bonus in order to be considered on an “even footing” in a race with a mounted beast or a car (in 1920, cars aren’t that fast).

✪ Faster than a Leopard [Athletics]

Requires Fast as a Leopard

You are simply, astonishingly fast. Whenever you roll to sprint, it’s at +4; you can reduce this to +2 and be considered on an even footing with a horse or a car. Furthermore, you face no penalties for moving one zone as a supplemental action.

Uncommon Movement

✪ Human Spider [Athletics]

The character can climb surfaces he oughtn’t be able to. He receives a +2 bonus on any climb, and by spending a fate point, he may eliminate the effects of all difficulty modifiers resulting from the environment or the characteristics of the thing he’s climbing (so he can climb a slick, mostly flat surface in a rainstorm at much less difficulty).

✪ Mighty Leap [Athletics]

The character’s leaping ability borders on the superhuman. The character may reduce any height related borders by up to three.

✪ Equestrian [Athletics]

The character can use Athletics instead of Survival for all maneuvers when riding horses or other riding animals.

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