Fate Pdq Take 2

PDQ FATE implementation

This is taken from our campaign using the Spirit of the Century setting, so it has an SotC feel

Qualities form a pyramid

  • 1 Master quality
  • 2 Excellent qualities
  • 3 Good qualities

Aspects/Fate Points

  • Fate Points and Aspects as in SotC (maneuvers, scenes, assessment and declaration, etc.)
  • PC start with 7 aspects, with 3 suggested to be allocated for stunts (below are suggestions)
    • description (women can't resist me, I will never give in, I can't afford to love, family first) — motivations, tendencies, etc. (capabilities are MOSTLY covered by qualities — see stunt)
    • connection (jetpack, Master Tong's Nephew in Law) — probably not needed because of qualities
    • situation (someone's out to break me down)
    • story (going from rags to riches, The State Must Prevail)
    • stunt (Wire Fu Manchu, fencer extraordinare)
    • check out Twist of FATE for cool aspects and ideas
  • Qualities double as aspects but do not increase refresh rate (this seemed to water things down)
  • Fate points function as in SotC (e.g. dice rolls; unfocused: +1, focused: +2 or reroll choosing best result)

Spin spin occurs when you beat a roll by 4

Stunts — Dramatic invocation as in the Stuntless Rules

Mysterious qualities

  • Suggested limit: one per character
  • Can accomplish normally impossible things
  • Cost points as if they were one level higher
  • Reduce refresh by 1 per mysterious quality
  • Make one of the dice automatically a 6 during a roll where they are the primary quality
  • Cost the user one failure rank for a successful use, one damage rank for backlash (roll of all 1s)
  • Can be very general but are normally used in specific ways
    • The PC can choose MOD specific uses at the beginning of each day which are immediately available for use (write them up)
    • Unforseen uses don't work well during conflicts because they take several minutes to perform


  • every 2 sessions, each PC gets one additional quality level
  • qualities stay in pyramid arrangement
    • you must have more Good qualities than Expert qualities and more Expert qualities than Master qualities
    • every session, you can exchange two qualities if they are in adjacent levels (upper/lower)
    • this means you can get a new Master quality every 12 sessions (roughly one per quarter for weekly sessions)
  • tweak the "2 sessions" number if you don't like that rate
  • when you have more qualities than aspects, take an additional aspect


  • Mooks defend with their target number (not opposed roll) and if they lose, they're taken out
  • NPCs (not named) defend with their target number and if they lose, they take damage
  • Named NPCs defend as normal characters (opposed rolls)
  • Against a normal NPC (not named), players can choose to defend with their target number instead of rolling (normal FP rules still apply — on a failed defense, the player can still spend an FP for 1d+6, etc.)

For reference: FATE + PDQ, Take 1

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